We Flourish Together: Peloton celebrates Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with themed classes

    Put down that there gosh darn adult pop playlist, sir.

    No doubt there’s a lot of interesting, controversial and certainly more important news out there regarding Peloton and just about everything else.

    However, every now and then I like to quickly share relatively small bits of news here on Stark Insider.

    In this case a celebration.

    Peloton Interactive Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON) today announced it’s celebrating Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with themed classes through the month of May.

    “We Flourish Together” came the announcement on splash screens across the Peloton app, bikes and treadmills:

    Peloton News - Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month-Flourish-Together

    I just finished a quick mid-day APIHN Celebration Ride by the always inspiring and charming Leanne Hainsby. Another great Peloton workout: class link for those with a Peloton Bike.

    Leanne Hainsby APIHM Celebration Ride - recommended Peloton class

    Already I can tell that these themed classes will be an enjoyable alternative to the usual ones featuring predictable pop playlists — don’t get me started on Ben Alldis (as great as he is as an instructor!) and Coldplay. No, you will not fix me. I do, though, appreciate the effort.

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    Peloton CEO John Foley has established a corporate culture that clearly is diverse, and welcoming to all backgrounds. Expressing strong views is not unusual to see, and that ethos thankfully carries over to the instructors, messaging and classes themselves.

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    We’re starting to see strong voices emerge across corporate America. I will always buy plenty of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream; not that I necessarily needed yet another reason.

    So if you are a Peloton subscriber look for some fresh content coming your way. We don’t necessarily need to set a PR every ride. A little fun dancing and choreography (or at least attempted choreography) while taking a class is a welcome change-up. And one bound to make you smile.

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