Introducing Peloton Verzuz: a Musical Celebration

If you’re new to the scene Verzuz is a live-streamed, head-to-head competition between the biggest artists in music.

Started by producers Swizz Beatz and Timbaland, Verzuz musical battles are now coming to Peloton.

In continuation of Women’s History Month, the first three Peloton Verzuz classes look like so:

  • 3/29 at 7 PM ET: 30 min Verzuz Run with Rebecca Kennedy
  • 3/31 at 7:30 PM ET: 30 min Verzuz Ride with Cody Rigsby and Emma Lovewell
  • 4/1 at 12 PM ET: 20 min Verzuz Strength with Adrian Williams
Verzuz Artist Series
Verzuz Artist Series classes notification popped up on my Peloton Bike today.

The idea is to embrace friendly competition and use popular tracks to drive motivation and results on the leaderboard. Verzuz rides will be an addition to Peloton’s classic “Artist Series” themed rides which feature musicians, and bands, often in tandem with social causes.

Riders will use tags — i.e. #VerzuzBrandy or #VerzuzMonica — to chose a team to represent in class.

Learn more about Peloton Verzuz in this intro video:

WATCH: Introducing Peloton Verzuz

Per the Peloton announcement:

“Just like how music brings us together across genres and generations, we’re uniting the Verzuz and Peloton experiences into an unmissable series of classes throughout our year-long partnership. Alongside Swizz Beatz and Timbaland themselves, get ready to sweat to the tune of head-to-head musical celebrations featuring iconic past Verzuz match-ups—all from your Peloton App, Bike or Tread—and keep reading to find out how to show up on the Leaderboard representing your favorite artists with Tags.”

Stark Insider Take

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As a Peloton Bike owner I appreciate the way the team continues to innovate when it comes to content. At the end of the day you can only do so much. It’s a stationary bike. There’s knob you turn. You pedal and watch an instructor during a virtual class. You sweat. The end.

Yet, Peloton has a way of making it feel when you hop up on the saddle and clip in that you’re jumping into a rabbit hole of music, inspiration and plenty of curiosity. Yes, yes, I know, the cult of Peloton. But when I tried an Apple Fitness+ cycling class I didn’t feel that the experience engaged me the same way.

We talk a lot about the Bike, the Tread, the Peloton App and recent logistics issues during COVID-19. But I believe the instructors and the content are what truly have been differentiating Peloton from the competition.

 Bring your fandom to your workout…

The Verzuz musical battles are just another good example of taking a cultural phenomenon and integrating into the Peloton ecosystem in a simple, yet interesting way.

When I get these emails from Peloton announcing new “Artist Series” or new features or new instructors or new class types, they always grab my interest. Because… this never happened when I went to my local gym before it closed in early 2020. That was just a place with equipment, some nice facilities and pleasant people to be sure. But it never felt like the ever-evolving world that Peloton has been growing, especially over the past twelve months.

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It’s just a stationary bike, right?

Based on my experience there’s a lot more going on than first meets the eye.