If you own a Peloton Bike (or Tread) then you know the importance of trying to stay as cool as possible while working out. Typically, a fan will do the trick. The problem? Where to place it.

In the Stark Insider Top 10 Peloton Accessories article I suggest a clip-on fan. While not made specifically for the Peloton it does clip neatly on the side of the screen and provide decent air-flow, at least for a battery powered accessory. On the downside, it’s finicky and prone to fall off and smash on the ground if even gently knocked (something I’ve sadly done more than once). And the power is limited given its small size and battery power.

A company called Hothead Mounts has a solution.

Called the Peloton Bike Fan Mount the product consists of a custom designed mounting bracket that is used to attach a fan (Honeywell HT-900, sold separately).

You mount the bracket to the rear of the Peloton touch screen and then attach the fan to the mount. When installed the fan sits atop the screen and faces you straight on, delivering massive amounts of air flow when you need it most. Like so:

Hothead Mounts - Peloton Bike Fan Mount Test
Hothead Mounts offers a fan mount specifically designed for the Peloton Bike. A bracket mounts to the rear of the touch screen enabling a fan to sit front and center, directing air flow straight on to the rider.

The bracket itself is 1/8″ thick, finished in a black powder coated steel, and made in the USA.

Hothead Mounts sent me a reviewer unit. I can attest to the build quality of the mount and the overall design.

For $59.99 (USD) this could be a good solution for your Peloton cooling needs. Floor fans are all well and good of course, but given they need to be placed several feet away they can have issues delivering enough power. Plus you can’t adjust them while on your Peloton.

However, one thing to keep in mind with the Peloton Bike Fan Mount by Hothead Mounts is that unlike the clip-on fan solution with this one you will need to perform an installation.

It’s not difficult. But the job does require a few tools.

Further, you will need to disconnect the Peloton Bike monitor (and have someone else hold it) while you insert the fan bracket and reconnect the whole thing. Again, it’s not complicated, but it is an extra step. On the upside you’ll never need to worry about your fan crashing to the ground while in the midst of a grueling Tabata ride, nor will you need to worry about turning it on or off or adjusting the speed once you’re on the bike as the controls are within easy reach.

Hothead Mounts - Peloton Bike Fan Mount - First Impressions
Hothead Mounts Peloton Bike Fan Mount. Note the Honeywell fan is sold separately.

I’d provide more hands-on results of the Hothead Mounts Peloton Bike fan mount, but I’m hesitant to disconnect the screen as my frame was just replaced — and we have yet another frame on the way as our second still makes funny noises and the handlebars are for some odd reason slightly off center. So while this replacement is in process I’m reluctant to futz around with a fan install. Once I’m on the other end of this Peloton service call and the pandemic has (hopefully) subsided I’ll give it a shot and at that time report back with more info here on Stark Insider.

The Peloton Bike Fan Mount is now shipping for $59.99 and is available directly from the Hothead Mounts web site.

A (relatively) cool rider is a happy rider!

Stark Insider - Peloton news, reviews, accessoriesPeloton Bike Fan Mount

Company: Hothead Mounts

What: A fan mount that attaches directly to the rear of the Peloton monitor.

Price: $59.99 USD (note: the Honeywell HT-900 fan is sold separately)

Availability: Now shipping via Hothead Mounts