Apple Watch: Tips for better battery life

Apple recently revealed its new Time to Walk feature for the Apple Watch. Today, you can now use it.

watchOS 7.3 introduces Time to Walk as part of the Fitness+ platform in addition to several other changes as seen here in the Apple Watch software update section on the iPhone:

New features and update in watchOS 7.3 include:

  • New Unity Watch Face in celebration of Black history with colors inspired by the Pan-African Flag, shapes change throughout the day (even after updating my Watch to 7.3 I can’t see Unity in the Face Gallery… maybe an Apple Watch app is still coming later today)
  • Time to Walk audio experience for Apple Fitness+ subscribers (there’s also a 90 day trial available)
  • ECG capability expanded to include Japan, Mayotte, Philippines, Thailand
  • Control Center fix

Nothing too dramatic. However, it is nice to see Apple continue to focus so much attention on the Apple Watch. So much so, in fact, that it’s a requirement in order to use the new Apple Fitness+ workout app. That tells us the importance the device plays in Apple’s overall plans going forward. In addition, the strategy likely indicates the importance of smartwatches overall and consumers’ willingness to readily embrace them today in much larger numbers than at launch some five years ago.

It’s worth noting that “unity” here means something different — better, helpful, decent — when it comes to Apple.

The good news for potential Apple Watch buyers: there’s lots of choice.

Thankfully you don’t need to dole out a King’s ransom for the latest Series 6. Most of the older models do just fine and will have all the features you could want at a far smaller price. Check out eBay for used ones. Or try Amazon for older discounted models.

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In any case, be sure to update to watchOS 7.3 if you do setup a new Apple Watch. As always be sure to have the watch on a charger and charged to at least 50% before updating.