RENPHO AI-Powered Exercise Bike, Indoor Cycling Bike with FTP Power Training, Auto Resistance Stationary Bike, Scenic Riding for Home Workout with Tablet
Clean and simple. I like the design of the new Renpho spin bike.

Update: I reached out to Renpho to see if the pedals are standard thread. They responded that yes the AI-Powered Bike does use industry standard threads and pedals can be swapped out. Full email below.

A possible solution just in time for your News Year’s Resolutions…

Most of you probably haven’t heard of Renpho. Unless you have surfed Amazon by chance searching for low cost air purifiers or smart scales. There you’ll find many Renpho products — ones that are actually well rated. I have one of the nifty Renpho smart scales and am impressed with the performance and also the quality of the companion app which I’ve used to track my training progress on the Peloton bike through 2020.

Renpho is now jumping into the home fitness market.

Today I noticed the new Renpho “AI-Powered” smart bike on Amazon (R-Q002). Listed at $699 (there’s currently a $100 coupon available bringing the price down to $599 USD).

For the price you get a basic frame with a tablet mount and adjustable height sliders for the seat and handlebars. Pedals are basic ones found on most standard consumer bikes featuring straps. So far I can’t tell if they can be replaced with SPDs or Look Deltas (if they use a standard pedal mount then the answer would be yes).

Stark Insider - Arts, Film, Tech and LifestyleYes, Renpho AI-Powered Bike pedals can be swapped

From Renpho customer service:

Thank you for contacting us. We understand that your concern is whether RENPHO AI BIKE pedals use standard pedal size threads.

Yeah, RENPHO AI BIKE is using the standard pedal size threads.

9/16″ is the standard thread diameter size (and 20 threads per inch) used for most modern bikes.

If you need any further assistance, please feel free to contact us again.

Best regards,
RENPHO Customer Service Team

Renpho exercise bike - Auto-Follow resistance

Also, the Renpho bike comes with a USB charging port (nice touch) and front-mounted wheels for easy movement.

Regarding the AI feature it’s tricky to tell what exactly that entails.

In the marketing copy Renpho emphasizes the bikes ability to provide “Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Training,” and that it can provide “custom-made AI training program(s)” on a weekly basis. There are four training modes: Beginner; Fat Burning; Endurance; and Muscle Strength.

Further the bike features auto resistance. That means as the road gets tougher to climb or the intervals get more intense the resistance can in tandem be increased to make the effort more difficult without requiring any user intervention. Pretty neat, especially for a bike in this price class.

A free app is available (by Les Mills) that apparently doesn’t require a subscription.

In addition Renpho says the new bike is compatible with popular riding apps like Zwift, The Sufferfest, Kinomap, FulGaz, Rouvy. I checked the Renpho user manual and indeed there is setup instructions for Zwift that will enable power information to be relayed from the bike to the app:

Stark Insider Take

All told, this looks like a compelling offering.

Renpho is coming in hard with a competitive price — $699 USD or currently $599 with coupon. The feature set while basic will be enough for most people looking for a solid home workout. Free classes and other content is a nice perk.

Keep in mind, you need to bring your own screen. A tablet or even your phone should be just fine and can be easily mounted and charged while you workout.

Looking at the competition the first name that comes to mind is, of course, Peloton. Those premium bikes start at a significantly more expensive price point of $1,895 USD. And if you want the auto-resistance and Apple Watch integration you’ll need to step up to the new Bike+ model which goes for a hefty $2,495 (and is currently on backorder with a 10+ week delivery window).

Then there’s the other low cost bikes you can find on Amazon (and Costco and other online retailers). There’s no shortage of choice. Players like Sunny, Yosuda, Joroto, Echolon, Schwinn, and on and on.

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Renpho AI-Powered Exercise Bike:
Key Specs

Renpho AI-powered Bike: Key Specs, Price, Coupon, Deal

  • Functional Threshold Power (FTP ) Training: AI-based efficient digital course is critical in ensuring that the rider is putting forth the right type of effort into cycling, users can have a custom-made AI training program on a weekly basis. Science-based four training modes suitable for the whole family: Beginner/Fat Burning/Endurance/Muscle Strength.
  • Professionally Cycling Instructors (Free Subscription): Professional courses provided by Les Mills, with certified trainers. These classes help to pump you up and push you to reach your fitness goal. Just like going to the gym, you are never riding alone even though you stay home.
  • Smart Motor Damping & Freewheel Design: Permanent magnet brushless servo motor provided both self and automated adjustable resistance(80 digital resistance level), real-time and precise resistance level and very smooth and quiet ride. Freewheel design higher safety than fixed-wheel, as the user can coast – meaning if the stop paddling, the paddles will stop.
  • Compatible with the Zwift and Kinomap: Enjoy the most scenic cycling real routes in the world from the comfort of home cycling, auto-follow resistance based on actual road conditions. Ride and sweat together with hundreds and thousands of the world’s best professional bikers and compete in the Zwift and Kinomap community.
  • Track Your Real-time Data: Collect exercise data, generate an instant evaluation and feedback reports track improvements. Real-time and precise output: time, torque, power, and cadence. Track and set goals for your cycling experience as well.

Connectivity: Bluetooth
iOS and Android
Pedals: Adjustable Pedal Straps (Pedals can also be replaced with standard Look Delta or SPD cleat-based versions)
Tablet Holder: Up to 8.46inch
Frame: Carbon structural steel
Adjustable handlebar height: 32.5inch~41.3inch
Adjustable Saddle Fore/aft: 0-3inch
Adjustable Saddle Height: 32.5~41.3inch
Power Range: 0-1000W, App max. power at 400W
Power Accuracy: ≥90%
Resistance: Smart Motor Damping
Color: Gray
Drive System: Belt
Dimensions: 40 x 20 x 49 inches
Weight: 77 Pounds
Maximum Weight: 265 Pounds
Price: $699 USD (currently on sale for $599 with this coupon)
Availability: Amazon

Source: Manufacturer/Amazon

Keep in mind that Renpho is not a completely new player in the healthy home product category. Its smart scales, air purifiers, and other products are well reviewed, and have established buyer feedback. That’s not to say this bike will follow that trend. So far, though, there’s a few 5-star reviews (that look real to me) that look promising. Time will tell as more customer feedback accrues whether it can withstand the test of time and the harshness that everyday cycling can bring to a frame.

As a Peloton bike owner I’m quite curious at this new offering from Renpho. I love the Peloton. The instructors are top notch and the programming excellent. Peloton keeps me coming back for more, and in my most recent FTP test I moved up to the Cat 5 race category (not saying a whole lot really, but it’s an improvement!). Motivation is key, and the quality of content instrumental in driving the desire to hop on the bike for a spin in a moment’s notice.

Peloton, though, isn’t compatible with Zwift. For those looking to enjoy both spin classes and virtual cycle racing on one bike might want to closely look at the Renpho.

The Renpho AI-powered smart bike is now on sale from Amazon.