Peloton: How to create a Peloton stacked classes playlist

Users asked. Peloton answered.

Nice the way that works.

Today Peloton sent out an email announcing its latest new feature: Stacked Classes:

Peloton Stacked Classes in action

Many of us like to take two, three or even more classes in a row during a workout. So, for instance, instead of taking one 30-minute HIIT ride we might take a bunch of shorter classes, say a 10-minute warmup, 10-minute Tabata, followed by a core strength class on the mat. In the past with the Peloton Bike or Tread or the standalone Peloton Digital App (iOS, Android) you would need to remember (or bookmark) those three classes and then when one ends you’d look up the next and start it, and so on.

With the Stacked Classes feature you can now curate your workout by choosing classes in advance and, in a sense, line them up. Then they automatically play one after the other.

Essentially this is like a music playlist, but for workout videos.

Peloton: How to Create a Stacked Classes Workout Playlist

Here’s how to stack classes on the Peloton (hardware or web):

  • Tap the stack icon:

Peloton News: Stacked Classes feature - How to stack classes and create a workout playlist

  • Add up to 10 classes to your stack — to do this quickly Peloton notes you can long-press a class thumbnail like so:

  • Finally, review your stacked classes (aka playlist) and if all looks good press the start button:

Peloton - How to build a stack

Stacked Classes are available on most apps according to the Peloton blog post and includes:

  • iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads
  • Apple TV
  • Android app
  • Android TV
  • Amazon Fire devices
  • Web

The new feature is available starting today, so time to get stacking!

Once again I’m pretty impressed how responsive Peloton is to user requests. I’ve noticed Peloton riders talk about this feature (I never guessed it was a thing) on Reddit for quite some time now, in fact probably for as long as I first received my pandemic Bike back in March of 2020. So it’s nice to see the team listen and respond with a regular stream of updates and new features.

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As far as the implementation goes it’s Apple simple. Meaning it’s intuitive, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing. And it works as expected. Net-net: thumbs up from this Peloton fan.

Double-dare: stack two or more Robin Arzon Tabata rides…