Peloton Skip Intro feature for Bike, Tread, Web

Peloton Interactive Inc. (NASDAQ: PTON) today announced it is rolling out “Skip Intro.”

The company says the new feature will be available on both Peloton hardware (Bike, Bike+, Tread, Tread+) in addition to the Web. Interestingly Peloton notes that the Skip Intro will not be supported on any of the apps including Amazon Firestick, iOS, Android, Roku TV, Apple TV and Sky TV.

Skip Intro will be rolling out over the coming weeks. (See: Skip Intro on the Peloton Support site)

Note that the feature only becomes available once a user has completed 5 cycling classes.

Skip Intro Peloton screen shot cycling class Denis Morton

The way the feature works is, as you might expect, straightforward. Within 3 seconds of starting a class a Skip Intro button appears. Tap it and… the intro is skipped.

And one final thing in the announcement: Skip Intro is only supported for on-demand classes.

Peloton Skip Intro: Welcome news

For first-time Peloton riders the one minute intros that explain how to adjust resistance and provide a quick overview of the display and metrics (in particular cadence, power output and resistance) make a lot of sense. The amount of information on the screen and the overall experience can be intimating at first — especially for those who have never taken spin classes before.

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But after a few months the intros get old fast. Yes, at that point we’re quite familiar with the Peloton UI and the concept of the resistance knob (left is easier, right is harder, push down for brake) and when taking Power Zone classes how zone training works. So it’s completely unnecessary and essentially a wasted minute of time at best, and annoyingly repetitive at worst. Being able to skip the intro is a welcome change and for experienced riders will allow us to get to the meat of the workout faster. Well done Peloton.