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Pelothon starts today. Owners of Peloton (NASDAQ: PTON) bikes and treads, in addition to subscribers to the digital app, can sign up and participate in the 4-week program which features a series of events and challenges. You first pick a team of instructors (there are six choices, see below), and then follow the weekly objectives to earn badges and, ultimately, support non-profits.

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For the #Pelothon2020 initiative, Peloton says it will donate $1 million to four hunger relief partners as follows:

  • Food Bank for New York City — New York’s largest hunger-relieve organization, delivers 58M free meals per year
  • The Trussell Trust — supporting a network of 1,200 food banks
  • Tafel — volunteer-based organization in Germany serving over 940 food banks
  • Daily Bread Food Bank — one of Canada’s largest food banks, distributed 10.9M pounds of food in 2019

Peloton has been a big supporter of LGBTQ+ rights and also vocal about its support of Black Lives Matter.

Obviously programs like these are also a way to ensure subscribers continue to engage with the product; to further increase brand loyalty. As I’ve discovered as a Peloton bike owner, the promise of earning a badge can seemingly make one go to the ends of the earth. I sometimes feel like a Boy Scout all over again — who doesn’t want a vacuuming badge?!

But I like that Peloton CEO John Foley and team incorporate community support into the brand product as part of their continued commitment to social impact.

Lately instructors have been adding a new mantra to their list of catchphrases:

“Peloton. The bike that goes nowhere is taking is all somewhere.”

Okay, these are small and silly little things. But in 2020 who doesn’t want to sometimes celebrate small and silly little things?

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The serious news here is four non-profits will benefit. In addition, people will hopefully get healthier and have some reprieve to keep their sanity as we continue to seek light at the end of coronavirus.

Here are the six teams for Pelothon 2020:

Pelothon 2020 teams - Peloton marketing nonprofit program

Stark Insider - Peloton news, tips, photos, stories, reviewsPelothon 2020 Teams


Alex Toussaint
Chelsea Jackson Roberts
Christine D’Ercole
Hannah Frankson
Irène Scholz
Matty Maggiacomo


Aditi Shah
Andy Speer
Hannah Corbin
Robin Arzon
Tunde Oyeneyin


Jess King
Leanne Hainsby
Olivia Amato
Rebecca Kennedy
Ross Rayburn
Sam Yo


Adrian Williams
Chase Tucker
Emma Lovewell
Jenn Sherman
Kendall Toole
Matt Whilpers


Becs Gentry
Cody Rigsby
Eric Jäger
Jess Sims
Kristin McGee


Ally Love
Anna Greenberg
Ben Alldis
Denis Morton
Selena Samuela

Pick one, update your hashtag — you’re all set to participate (note you need to be a Peloton bike/tread or app subscriber).

I’m signed up and ready to go. #GritAndGraceGang

Pelothon 2020 runs July 13 through August 9, 2020.