Peloton Dominates Home Spinning But Rival Won’t Let It Say So

Encouraging bit of news this morning. New York-based Peloton Interactive (NASDAQ: PTON) has updated its platform to provide members with a non-binary gender option.

Per The Verge nonbinary users will appear as “NB” on the leaderboard. This works across the whole Peloton system, whether you’re using the digital app on Android or iPhone/iPad, or taking a class on the bike or tread. Per today’s email announcement from Peloton:

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Non-Binary Peloton Option App Bike Tread


At Peloton, we celebrate the diversity within our community and empower Members to express themselves authentically. Recognizing that our Members exist across the gender spectrum, we want more Members to be able to represent their true selves on the Peloton platform. Now, you can identify your gender as Male, Female or Non-binary.

Go to your Peloton profile on your Bike, Tread, app or web to update your gender identity.

I noticed a software update pushed to my bike yesterday so I’m guessing that included the gender identity update. This morning I checked the Peloton web site, and under preferences can confirm there is now a NB option, in addition to the bike itself and digital app:

Non-binary option on Peloton web site:

Peloton Nonbinary gender preferences

Non-binary option on Peloton bike:

Peloton nonbinary gender bike option - Stark Insider

Non-binary option on Peloton digital app (iPhone iOS):

ClintTheMint Peloton San Francisco

Also per Peloton announcement today:

In the spirit of Peloton Pride, we’re extending our support of the LGBTQ+ community by donating $100,000 to the Ali Forney Center to empower LGBTQ+ youth and protect them from the harms of homelessness. We are proud to work with the Ali Forney Center year-round through employee volunteering and Apparel donations.

I’ve only been riding a Peloton bike since March. As I’ve written here on Stark Insider I’ve been rather smitten by the experience — not just the bike which is outstanding, but also the mat-based workout options like Yoga, cardio, strength, etc. And, somewhat surprisingly, I am now probably in the best shape I’ve been in since my college years — with accompanying weight loss to show. All it took was a pandemic.

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Aside from the addictive classes and charismatic instructors who effortlessly make you work harder than you would’ve ever anticipated, I appreciate the company’s core focus and support of LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter. There’s Pride rides, and, recently I took the 30 minute “Speak Up Ride” by Tunde Oyeneyin (6/3/20) which was followed by a 10 minute “Breath In, Speak Up Meditation.” That was as an emotional and compelling and moving an experience as I’ve had so far in 2020.

Small bit of news, but in some ways a big bit of news. Perhaps more companies will follow suit, and the NB trend will grow.