Bill Pullman in David Lynch's masterful enigma Lost Highway with cinematography by Peter Deming.
Bill Pullman in David Lynch's masterful enigma Lost Highway with cinematography by Peter Deming.

It’s getting oh-so-very Twin Peaks in Los Angeles this October.

Organizers today announced two more additions to this year’s Festival of Disruption line-up, both with, yes, Twin Peaks connections, but also with long-standing David Lynch connections.

First up in today’s additions is cinematographer Peter Deming, a long-standing Lynch collaborator (see Lost Highway as an exemplary example). In addition to an impressive and long list of DP credits, he most recently worked on the Twin Peaks Return reboot (aka season 3). Anyone looking for a wonderful behind-the-scenes look at the creative and shooting process behind the ground-breaking Showtime series should head over to IndieWire and feast on this piece: ‘Twin Peaks: The Return’: Even David Lynch’s Cinematographer Can’t Explain What It All Means.

Next is executive producer Sabrina Sutherland, also an enduring Lynch collaborator, and also a Twin Peaks Return alum. According to IMDB Sutherland has crewed and more recently produced several David Lynch projects including Inland Empire (2006), Duran Duran: Unstaged (2014), and the recent — and well received — doc David Lynch: The Art Life (2016). Twin Peaks fans will likely recognize her name from an informative and entertaining AMA held earlier this month on Reddit.

Both Deming and Sutherland are scheduled to appear on stage alongside other Twin Peaks collaborators (Duwayne Dunham, Dean Hurley, Johanna Ray, Gary D’Amico) to discuss the series and, hopefully, drop abundant clues regarding the potential for a season 4 (getting greedy here).

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Others familiar names scheduled to attend the 2nd annual Festival of Disruption include Bill Pullman (the wailing saxophonist from Lost Highway and a former U.S. President), Ed Ruscha, and none other than Laura Palmer herself, Sheryl Lee — looking none the worse for wear, considering she was left wrapped in plastic next to a river in a small Northwest Pacific logging town. But: past or future?

Festival of Disruption takes place Oct. 16-17, 2017 at the Ace Hotel in L.A.

Who doesn’t like a good piece of cherry pie, some Peaks chit-chat (and a few theories on that Season 3 finale!) and insight into the outlandish, one-of-a-kind mind of David Lynch?