Villages of Loreto Bay Fountain, Video

Want to know what a typical evening Baja stroll looks like in Loreto Bay? Here’s your chance to experience pueblo mágico.

We shot a walk to the beach, followed by a return to the casa at sunset (or at least while the sun disappeared over the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range). Sometimes simple things bring simple pleasures. The 90-second video is embedded below. Sights include: Villages of Loreto Bay, the Paseo (main street), a random fountain in the “Founders Neighborhood”, the Sea of Cortes, the Loreto Bay golf course, and the Sierra de la Giganta mountain range, PLUS an outtake in front of City Hall in downtown Loreto.

This Stark Insider TV segment is another in a series of our vignettes chronicling the sights and sounds of the small fishing village of Loreto, Baja Sur, and the development located twenty minutes south down Highway 1 called Loreto Bay. So far we’ve visited the (newly located) farmers market, done some soul searching after eating too many fish tacos, and watched Loni Stark struggle to paint the Sierra de la Giganta range.

If you do spend time in Loreto Bay, either vacationing or–as many are increasingly doing–as a permanent or semi-permanent resident you will need to abide by the stringent bylaws which say:

— you shall own, walk and love at least one dog

— you shall be sure to stop at least ten times, on any given walk, to chat and catch up with friends, neighbors, locals; this applies even if you’ve already done it twice on that particular day

— you shall remove your shoes, dance across the steps of any random fountain you should encounter

— you shall stop as the sun sets, take a deep breath, and pinch yourself – Am I really seeing this beauty unfold before my very eyes in real-time without the aid of CGI?!

— you shall always be sure to mark your calendar to watch the San Jose Sharks beat the Calgary Flames and/or Edmonton Oilers at the Wine Cellar on the Paseo

— you shall enjoy your good fortune, but volunteer/help/reach out to those in need within the Loreto region

— (optional) you shall take great joy in sharing your amazing experiences on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr — much to the chagrin of those eating Beavertails in -25C ice storm up north, or to those Californians suffering in 55F nigh-time chills

— I hope I did not miss any of the Loreto bylaws… I am quite rusty on these matters!

WATCH: Loreto Bay Sunset Walk

“Sunset Walk” – Villages of Loreto Bay from Stark Insider on Vimeo.