“Long live the truffle!”

And with those words by Silver Oak winemaker Daniel Baron, we sat down to a truffle-inspired 3-course luncheon by Chef Orsini that I won’t soon forget.

In this episode of Stark Insider TV I head to the beautiful grounds of the winery famous for its iconic white tower (the team took a smaller version of it on tour around the country last year). As you’ll see this is not exactly your typical “winter” day.

Seen in this segment are Chef Orsini, one of the few resident winery chefs in Napa, who reveals the secret to the rising pizza dough that few know how to duplicate across Napa (hint: think Cabernet grapes). Also making an appearance is Daniel Baron, the revered winemaker who took over the reins from the original family and now makes some of the Valley’s finest Cabs (review).

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If you pay special attention you’ll see a cameo by none other than Rico, the truffle dog – that friendly guy gets around!

When I arrived at the winery Dominic Orsini was entertaining a crowd with a lively demo of his wood burning oven, and tantalizing flat bread pizza. It’s not often you get served pizza with Périgord Truffle shavings on top – so do excuse my on-camera technique here as I was surely distracted by the good eats that kept coming fresh out of the oven.

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And of course it wouldn’t be wine country if I didn’t make a new best friend. In this case he’s a little bit stiff on camera, and seemed more interested in his Wall Street Journal than he did me. Sniff, sniff. One can only try.

Stark Insider TV: Chef Dominic Orsini of Silver Oak Cellars

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