Android Screen Shootout. Testing color, from left to right: Motorola Razr Maxx, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC Droid DNA, LG Nexus 4. (Photo

We admit it, we’re spoiled. So here we are not content to merely enjoy the riches that are the incredible array of Android smartphones available to us in this here year of doom and gloom, and red dragons. Should we not be spending every last moment on this soon-to-be-destroyed earth Foursquaring our secret visits to CVS, Instagramming our yogurts, and YouTubing our cats?! Turns out, no; we should also be doing never ending in-depth display comparisons.

Grab the microscope! This time it’s the Motorola Razr Maxx vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. HTC Droid DNA vs. LG Nexus 4. Game on!

Our friends at have put the four impressive Androids (spoiled I tell ya) head-to-head to see which smartphone screen is tops.

Spoiler alert!

If you prefer to read the long version, and get all the juicy side-by-side comparo head on over to and read all about it. What follows is the rapid fire summary.

Then again, I’ve kind of, sort of already tipped my hand based on the headline of this article now haven’t I?

Droid DNA took top honors as best of the lot. According to the test, thanks to an IPS panel the DNA (and Nexus 4) came closest to rendering pure white. Further the DNA “offers the clearest image with the best tone for each of the individual colors” while the Nexus 4 they noted “looks washed out.” And black lines on white background – to test the readability of text? Again, DNA.  Because of its beastly 1080p resolution, it can cram more lines into its 5-inch screen, hence improving clarity of text (at least in theory).

So there you have it. Sure, not a completely scientific test, but good enough for hand grenades, and those who might otherwise spend their spare time searching for John McAfee.

Again, though, it’s worth pointing out all four of these Androids have been getting strong reviews. If you’re deciding between the Galaxy S3, Droid DNA, Nexus 4, and Razr Maxx HD, regardless of which one you pick you’re coming away a top tier 2012 Android. Enjoy it already, you only have a few more weeks before all of this is irrelevant.