Loni Stark of Stark Insider TV on location in Napa Valley.
Loni Stark of Stark Insider TV on location in Napa Valley.

A report by research firm Stonebridge (St. Helena, California) estimates that the economic impact of wine produced in Napa County is $50 billion nationwide. No word yet on how many grapes that would equate to, but there’s little doubt that would fill at least a few trucks.

In addition, the industry employs 46,000 (full-time equivalent jobs), netted $3.7 billion in revenue (wholesale), and hosted 3.8 million visits.

The 19-page report “The Economic Impact of Napa County’s Wine and Grapes” (read it below), commissioned by Napa Valley Vintners and an update of an earlier one completed in 2008, reveals other interesting aspects of the wine industry for those who enjoy a little economic tannin:

  • Number of wineries in Napa: 789
  • Winery wholesale revenue: $3.7 billion
  • Winery direct sales: $744.7 million (20% of wholesale revenue)
  • Number of vineyards in Napa; 1,600
  • Vineyard acreage: 43,581
  • Full time equivalent jobs: 46,000
  • Annual number of winery visits: 3.8 million

Napa Valley “produced about 20% of all the wines produced in California and between 16% and 17.5% of all the wine produced in the United States.”

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“This is the most comprehensive examination of our wine industry’s economic impact to date, giving us a more detailed look from a multitude of resources, from one-on-one interviews with wine and wine-related businesses to local, state and federal reporting agencies,” said NVV Executive Director Linda Reiff. “The Napa wine industry is healthy and thriving, fueling our local and national economies even in these uncertain times.”

READ: The Economic Impact of Napa County’s Wine and Grapes

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