Seth W. Owen Peepers CinequestFilm director Seth W. Owen had just flown in to the Bay Area from Montreal, and was enjoying a day or two up in San Francisco, before heading down 101 to dive in to Cinequest, when we caught up with him for this revealing interview. His new film, Peepers (review), which he directs (and co-wrote with partners Mark Slutsky and Daniel Perlmutter) premieres at Cinequest.

The story follows an underground group (or club) of Peepers that sneak across rooftops at night with binoculars.

Rules are essential to maintaining order, “Never peep a peeper!” As is a whole new set of voyeuristic jargon, “We’ve got a bare butt buffet over here!”

We finally had a chance to ask Seth all the questions everyone has been wondering about.

Is this based on reality? What kind of research did he do for the project? Is he, himself, a voyeur? And what about the comparisons to the Hitchcock classic Rear Window?


Clinton Stark
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