I’m not sure anyone really cares, except for hardcore Google Android fans, and the tech obsessed… like me. Sill, in case you haven’t already heard (repeatedly) the new Motorola Android smartphone is now available at Verizon stores. I’m still on the fence. I need to replace my aging, 4-year old BlackBerry.

The iPhone is probably the logical choice. But it would give me (maybe Mike too, getting one…?) something interesting to write about on SSC tech wise… how’s that for decision criteria?

One concern: the Droid looks quite big.

Moto also launched a smaller one today without the keyboard (which gets poor marks) called the Eris with slimmer design. But it runs an older operating system, is slightly slower, and doesn’t include the nifty GPS.

I have a jammed schedule today. But will try to drop by a store and see what’s what.