Rick Lombardo’s eagerly anticipated ‘As You Like It’ opens in three nights at the San Jose Repertory Theatre. It should prove to be a compelling mix of Shakespearean beauty combined with U2 Zoo TV-like on-stage imagery. A modern, Silicon Valley take on a classic.

Meanwhile, the lights are down. So are the curtains. What’s happening backstage @ the Rep… ?

The green room. Fire curtains. And yes, sand bags and lighting rigs. Join Loni on a back stage pass tour, with artistic director Rick Lombardo and discover what goes on behind the scenes.

Watch closely: you may even hear me in this one, even though I’m not supposed to interrupt the on-air talent. Discover my favorite film genre, and how I escape near death among the labyrinths of the theater. Oh, the drama!

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According to Rick Lombardo the season will bring a diverse, International flare to the Bay Area. Watch the up-close and personal interview as he discusses the 2009/2010 season, the arts, the economy… and even what he misses about the East Coast.

San Jose Repertory Theatre 2009/2010 Season







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