The Riesling grape must enjoy the cold.

The #1 star of the German wine industry, it is grown in the northernmost climate possible. And even though German beer is the official beverage of the country, Riesling has made quite a name for itself globally over the years. Perhaps for many reasons.

One is drinkability, thanks in part to lower alcohol levels.

Another would be ease of pairing — Riesling is a natural choice.

For dry: try seafood like clams, crab cakes (Try Loni’s recipe, they also do well with Chardonnay), fish.

For sweet: spicy food like chicken curry (my current favorite pairing), firey chicken wings (maybe?!), and even chili.

Finally price and availability is another point in the grape’s favor. On average from what I see on local shelves, Riesling is priced typically less than other popular whites such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc by approximately 20-30% (my guesstimate only).

So, what is Destination Riesling? It’s a three year marketing program funded by the German Wine Institute and the European Union to “increase interest and awareness for European Riesling among consumers in the U.S.”

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