Samsung Galaxy Nexus: To launch or not to launch?

We are witnessing the largest upgrade cycle window in Android's young history. There are hundreds of thousands of us Android pioneers who signed up twenty-four months ago on Verizon. Droid Does. We capitulated.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

UPDATE 12/15 6:30am PT: Deal alert for those looking for a Samsung Galaxy Nexus. We just found out you can score it on Amazon for only $199.

UPDATE 12/14 2:08 PT: Some readers are indicating that Nexus has arrived. According to the commenters herehere and here reps at local Verizon stores are telling them to come in to pick them up tomorrow. Far from official. Take it for what it’s worth (we’ve seen this movie before, on Dec 9th) but for us starved for news related to the saga that is the Nexus “launch,” it’s worth noting.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus

That is the question. Though I wonder if many care as much about the would-be Samsung Galaxy Nexus; the would-be flagship Android phone would-be hitting Verizon stores at some unannounced, unknown date last speculated to be tomorrow, December 15 (along with a white edition of the Motorola Droid RAZR).

But you know how this goes.

A date is rumored. It looks legit. We finally (finally!) think we have found the ultimate upgrade for our aging OG Motorola Droids from 2009. And then: nothing.

Such is the bungled launch history of one Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Why the big deal?

Three reasons:

1. Nexus is the first Android smartphone to ship with Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS, aka Android 4.0), Google’s next big thing. The new operating system improves the Android user experience, if not dramatically, at least well enough to potentially sway those who would otherwise consider an iPhone.

Motorola Droid RAZR
Motorola Droid RAZR in white: Who buys white phones?!

2. November 2011/December 2011 marks the largest upgrade cycle window in Android’s young history. There are hundreds of thousands of us Android pioneers (I’d like to find out the actual number, if someone has it?) who signed up about twenty-four months ago on Verizon. Droid Does. We capitulated. Most walked out with Motorola Droids, though other models like the HTC Droid Eris sold too. Either way, from the moment I typed in my Google credentials and saw everything perfectly sync–Gmail, Calendar, Contacts–I was smitten. That largely explains why all the big guns, like HTC, Motorola and Samsung, launched a flurry of new handsets. They all want our Android upgrade dollars. Earlier (when it actually seemed like a Nexus phone existed) I wrote about the upgrade dilemma, and discussed the options: HTC Rezound (too chunky, great audio, decent price at only $199) vs. Motorola Droid RAZR (found great price on Amazon for $169, even better than Costco) vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (the one to get… if it can be had that is).

3. Apple iPhone 4S. It’s here, and it’s selling. Sure, it’s not an iPhone 5, and it didn’t blow our socks off. Siri is okay, but not a game-changer in my estimation. Still, the fact that Apple has had its brand new smartphone on the market while Verizon/Google/Samsung (our beloved Three Stooges in episode “Nexus Schmexus”) stumble their way to the finish line is surprising. I wonder how many potential customers have, out of frustration waiting for a Nexus launch to happen, gave up and decided to go iOS?

Maybe us US Androids deserve to be following up the rear.

For once, Canada, Europe and Australia all have what we can not. Nexus has already been shipping there for weeks. By the time we get our mittens on the curvy thing, will anyone care, or–more likely–how many days until the next uber-uber must-have Android hits the market? (my guess: late January, early February, the 2012 killer Android phone – with Google Wallet – will land).

Will the Nexus launch tomorrow?

If it does, will it sell as well as the Motorola Droid did two years earlier?

Or, should we just fold up our lawn chairs already, buy a Droid RAZR and call it a day?

For the impatient, may I suggest:

Motorola Droid RAZR – thin, great display, Moto build quality. Best price I could find online: $169 via Amazon.

HTC Rezound – upgraded audio (if that matters to you), removable battery. Not as good a deal, but at $199 is cheaper than Nexus.

Apple iPhone 4S – Are you mad? (ask Siri)

[Lead photo: The Verge]

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  • mike

    Many of us OG Droid owners have been on Verizon prior to owning our droids and have been waiting since late summer for a viable update candidate. The ineptitude of the Galaxy Nexus launch did indeed prompt me to switch over to the iPhone. It was less expensive than the rumored Nexus price point and it was in stock (at Best Buy – the Verizon store would have had to order it in). Now my renewal cycle can start fresh and I can start wondering if the Android world can woo me back in 18 months.

    • Cer

      Why does no one realize that the Nexus is 32gb, and at $299.99, is the exact same price as an iPhone 32gb?

      • Trob6969

        NOPE! THE galaxy nexus ONLY has 16gb! That’s one of the reasons why I chose the rezound for my upgrade from the of Droid.

        • Cer

          Wrong. Check the Google Nexus page’s tech specs.

          Generally a poor decision to buy a phone based on rumored specs and price of a phone that hasn’t been released yet. Enjoy the consequences.

        • snoww X

          i read that verizon will only sell the 32gb version

    • Greg Malleus

      OG Droid user here too.  I too have squeezed every last drop out of my Droid.  The power button finally gave out this past weekend.  To turn the screen on I need to slide out my keyboard.   To reboot I need to pull the battery, then plug it in to a charger to turn it back on.

      I started looking at what phone I would upgrade to back in late July.  Was totally hyped for the SGSII.  But it never came out on Verizon because they were going to get the Galaxy Nexus.  Here we are almost at the end of the year…waiting.  I keep getting my hopes up every time a new release date gets rumored.  At this point, I am not going to get excited until I am in a store and have the box in my hand.  If that doesn’t happen soon, i may jump ship to the iPhone.  Something I don’t want to do because it will cost me to replace all the Android apps I have invested in.

    • dustin

      we actually usually only take a few months to blow your mind

  • d-bone

    I literally just came back from a VZW store, where the manager confirmed
    they have them on hand, but also said the phone launch is being

    • Rawalter21

      I just talked to the store in my town, Crossville, TN, a few minutes ago and they told me that they would have them for sale tomorrow

  • Annoyed Verizon Customer

    Let’s not forget this is not the first phone launch Verizon has botched.  HTC Thunderbolt?  Droid Bionic?  Both phones were highly anticipated.  Both phones saw their releases ridden with rumored release dates that never came.  And when both phones were finally launched (in the case of the Bionic, almost 9 months after it was announced), customers complained of numerous bugs.

    When I heard the Dec 15 rumored release date, I was still frustrated over the Dec 9 debacle.  I’m not setting myself up for disappointment again.  If the GNex releases tomorrow, great!  If not, well, what else is new?  Time to update if that’s the case.

    I only hope all the secrecy behind the 4G LTE Galaxy Nexus is because Verizon is taking their time with testing so the phone is not released with the amount of bugs the Tbolt and Bionic suffered from.

    For the record, I am one of the Motorola Droid users mentioned in the article.  I’ve squeezed every ounce of life out of my rooted and ROM’d OG Droid.  It’s time for an upgrade and the GNex is what I intend to get next.  … that is, provided Verizon doesn’t delay this phone into oblivion.

    IMO, if you have been eligible for an upgrade through Verizon for a while like I have, you have waited too long to get a Droid RAZR.

    • Anonymous

      This. Verizon+Android= FAIL. Iphone 6 will be my preciousss.

      • Trob6969

        Hmmm…and tell me what an iPhone has to offer! Lol

        • Anonymous

          Not just any iphone….The iphone 6 screen will be 4 inches with LTE, zero verizon bloatware, instant updates regardless of carrier, best camera and ipod, etc…

  • Verizon botched this big time.  For one, their complaint about Google Wallet was bogus.  They tested it on a rooted Droid that had not been updated.  Lots of security on the rooted Droid was bypassed.  Verizon did this, because they want to push more of their bloatware.  ISIS, which is identical NFC app to wallet.  Shame on Verizon, I hope they have to eat this stock.  The Nexus was probably the best competitor to the 4S and they let it sit on the shelf.

    • Anonymous

      ISIS is not identical to Google Wallet.  Google uses the NFC chip to house the security processes while ISIS is planned to use the SIM card.  Since Verizon doesn’t have control over Google’s security, it is, in their opinion, not secure.  So what we’re waiting for is them to stop fighting and choose one or both systems. 

  • Charlie Farmer

    With no new news at this point, I doubt a 12/15 release. Yesterday my Verizon sales person said he as not working that day, & hinted at a possible Friday release. I will really be surprised if it is released tomorrow. Just remember, nothing is ever official or confirmed, until it is announced by Verizon, not by rumors on web sites.

  • JT

    They way this launch has gone… something tells me that we’ll be walking out of the stores with the Galaxy Nexus before Verizon ever officially releases anything about it.

  • Rude_awakening69

    I spoke with a verizon employee yesterday that said that they giot an email stating it was going to be the 15th. but their systems havent been updated with the units in the invoice. Then i just spoke with a best buy employee saying that they heard the 15th also ,but they doubted it because no preparations have been made in the store and invoice either.

  • Filk

    Called a store in Philly this morning and was told that it was not being released tomorrow (15th) :-(
    Just can’t fathom why VZW aren’t being open about this – my only conclusion is that they want to drive folks to Mot or HTC because of what … better margin? (surely not), sales commitments on the other devices? (would hope not) or maybe it’s just not shaping up on their LTE network??
    Maybe I should just give in and go with the 4S and miss LTE connectivity – with all these LTE devices lighting up, and what seems to be generally poor management from VZW, maybe they won’t have enough capacity on their network to deliver the scintillating speeds to us all anyway .. oh well.

  • Saizex6

    gave up on waiting for this phone. went iphone! see ya later android

  • Cer

    January 2012, right before CES. That’s when this will launch.

    • Anonymous

      but….they promised it would launch before the end of 2011! They promised!!!! In all seriousness, I’m done waiting for this phone. I’m going to wait for CES and hope my OG Droid can hang on until a phone whose hardware is actually worthy of all the hype is released. It will surely come with ICS by then. Thanks for staying classy Verizon. 

      • Cer

        Hope your OG Droid stays solid. (by the way, I love the name “OG Droid” — that’s mostly why I’m responding to your post).

        I too would think of waiting for what’s next. I’m in a different position than you — I got a Thunderbolt on a 1 year contract (thank god) so I can upgrade at the end of January. I’d love to get something other than the Nexus, but everything else will likely be so heavily skinned it won’t be worth it.

        If another vanilla Android ICS phone is announced at CES I’d be all over it, but if the Nexus is all there is, then the choice is whether to wait it out for the next Nexus, but chances are Verizon will never get another Nexus ever again.

      • Anonymous

        get the Rezound once its rooted it will be a beast … best hardware there is as of now … software ehh but root changes everything 

  • emdubs

    I will wait forever. Who cares about hardware specs, operating system, physical appearance… this is your only shot at a Verizon handset with LTE and an unlocked bootloader. This may never happen again. Verizon doesn’t want this “open google development handset” on their network at all and should have never agreed to carry it. It opens the door to free wireless tethering on unlimited data plans that have been grandfathered in. Every other handset they sell has a locked bootloader, which prevents easily swapping out the ROM. This phone breaks that mold and Verizon isn’t having it. Go get your RAZR if you want… its locked and always will be.

    • emdubs

      reply to myself… before I get flamed. RAZR has a workaround to install ROMs now as of 2 days ago, but its risky. If you get an error your phone is a brick and you will be taking back to Verizon… who will be waiting for you and know exactly what you did (and can prove it since they can unlock the bootloader and examine your device). Enjoy all that… I will be waiting for the GNex

    • TimmyT

      So what you’re saying is 100% fact/truth right? I thought so but haven’t looked into it all that much and as a TBolt owner with unlimited data I was thinking the same thing….

    • Cer

      That’s the issue I foresee for myself: the choice is this Nexus (2011 Nexus), whenever it’s released, or the next Nexus (2012 Nexus). But is the next Nexus ever going to come to Verizon? Probably not.

      So there essentially is no other option, and it’s best to get the Galaxy Nexus and hope that while Google won’t touch Verizon for the 2012 Nexus, Verizon and Google will hug it out for the 2013 Nexus.

    • Tony Perez

      You have a point. Maybe VZW is waiting for people on the unlimited data plans to upgrade to something other than the Nexus so they won’t have to support as many who will use wireless tethering through and unlocked bootloader. Hmmm….

  • Anonymous

    Well put.  If Verizon can’t push out this phone tomorrow, and continue to leave their retailers in the dark, I will consider going elsewhere.  The lack of update from Big Red is a huge example of their carelessness for their customers, as well as their distributors who have potential buyers begging for some sort of info.  All we are asking for is  a projected launch date, and an explanation for why one of the biggest carriers in the US is lagging behind the rest of the world with this highly desired phone’s release.  Unfortunately Verizon would rather bite their tongue than be caught pushing back a date they can’t commit to.  

    Why?  I can only guess for their proprietary greed, for some sort of contract they have with Google and are trying to negotiate last minute….  Capitalization at it’s best. Google Wallet and ISIS?  Who knows…  But they’ll probably tell us they found some big security concern in the OS that they required Google to update for the sake of their customers… or some other other bs after they figure out their problems.  If limited competitive reception, 4G and a grandfathered unlimited data plan weren’t keeping me entertained, this company would have lost its monopolistic hold on me, and I would have already been long gone, strictly for their poor release and delays on upcoming phones.    

    Free wireless tethering, unlocked bootloader, on Verizon?!  Don’t count on it. I surely know Verizon will do everything they can to keep people buying their products to provide hotspot features, at a hefty charge, among other disabled services in the original OS.  

    • emdubs

      Free wireless tethering and unlocked bootloaders are available on Verizon right now… still rocking the original droid, thanks! Verizon has no choice on the bootloader issue with a Nexus. That is the REAL issue of why this is being delayed. They know they are about to open the gates and have no control. If the Nexus comes out locked, its a dead handset even for google’s purposes. Mass exodus from Verizon for all developers. Instantly. If it weren’t for this phone’s announcement as a “nexus” device, I would have been gone a long time ago.

  • Dave

    I gave up waiting, been waiting since July for this mystery flagship to launch. So, I went with the iPhone 4S.  Did I turn my back on android, no.  Am I waiting for some stabilization with ICS and hardware, absolutely. When and if the new flagship comes out and I decide to go back to android, at least I will still be sell my iphone for 500-600 instead of 50.

    • Anonymous

      Well said, Dave. Iphone 6 is the truth!

  • Jerry Harris

    I was stupid 2.5 years ago when I failed to go with an Android phone and went with the Samsung Rogue instead. This is easily the dumbest smart phone ever made: it has some god-awful, propriety OS (by Samsung) for which almost no apps were ever made. The browser is terrible, and I’ve really only ever used it to clumsily read e-mails when in a pinch and nowhere near a real computer. I’ve been dying to upgrade since last June, and wanted the Galaxy SII; when Verizon turned that down in favor of “something better” on the horizon, I somehow managed to hold off ’til the Nexus was announced…and now, like everyone else, I’ve been waiting with baited breath for the bloody thing to see the light of day in this country…! Several times I have contemplated surrendering and getting a RAZR or the Rezound, but I have some concerns about learning Android on an older, 4-button system and then later trying to figure out anew ICS and its 3-button system.  I’d jump ship to some other carrier except that no one else has coverage at my house, and the others have poorer coverage in town…

    • Tony Perez

      See the comment I just posted on the Rezound. Millions of handsets sold in the last 6 months that will receive the 4.0 ICS upgrade next year. Most people prefer the 4 button system anyway. On the new Nexus, unless you’re watching videos, the effective screen size is 4.3 inches and that’s exactly what I’m getting on the Rezound. I decided to go with the better hardware specs on a solid implementation of Gingerbread that will be ready to use 4.0 when it’s released. 

  • Tony Perez

    In about 24 hours, I will receive my new HTC Rezound via FedEx from VZW. I negotiated a sweet deal through their telephone sales group. I decided to no longer wait for the Galaxy Nexus. It just isn’t worth it. The hardware in the Rezound is superior to that in the Nexus and whenever it receives its 4.0 ICS upgrade, it’ll be the handset I wanted for my upgrade. Yes, I’m sure there will still be some “bloatware” but we know there are ways to manage that.

    • Michael Hickey

      Not sure I would agree. The Nexus has a better processor and GPU possibly negating the extra .3GHz on the Rezound. Gingerbread only uses one core so it’s pretty much just an over clocked single until it gets ICS. That’s a pretty big wait with VZW and HTC, as they rather sell new phones than update old ones. And when it comes, hello bloated Sense. The battery drains real quick with moderately low usage. Wireless N antenna is garbage, I actually switched it to my G Spectrum. The screen is beautiful and the camera rocks. Other than that, not so superior. Not flaming you in any way, I own a Rezound and am still buying a Nexus.

      • Tony Perez

        Well Michael, if the Galaxy Nexus is released tomorrow or Friday, I may drive to a VZW store that has plenty of stock and try one out before I unbox my Rezound… It just really needs to be an outstanding phone. I didn’t mean to knock the new Nexus however, for the money, I expected leading edge hardware in addition to ICS. For a launch with VZW, at a time when a huge number of OG Droid users are ready to upgrade, they should have knocked our socks off with a hardware combination that couldn’t be beat but it’s competitor (or itself – SGSII).    

  • Bruce Carrick

    This is the single biggest botched launch. Verizon will NEVER have me as a customer. Oh, and by the way, the first Android pioneers did NOT have Droids. They were using G1’s on T-Mobile. I have an unlocked GSM Nexus on T-Mobile and it is awesome.

    • Tony Perez

      OK, the first VZW Android pioneers… LOL I really don’t know many people who bought the Droid Eris and most know that the OG Droid is still a very good phone that worked for most of us through 2011. Is the G1 still working? Kidding. However, can it run Gingerbread like my OG Droid is today…? 

  • EJ

    I’ve had the Rezound since Nov. 21. Might take it back to Best Buy tomorrow if GN actually releases. Even though the phone is bulkier that Razr, I have heard some people complain that the RAZR is wider and feels hotter because it is so thin. But the big thing I don’t like about the Razr is the non-removable battery. We all know batteries wear out. How many of us have had to buy new ones? What do you do when that happens to your Razr?  I don’t know about you, but I need my phone everyday – no time to wait for a repair while it’s sent away and worked on. Rezound has these things going for it: 720p HD display (Razr not HD and NOT superamoled PLUS), Amazing phone cam with lots of extra features(Razr’s cam is crap), and third, if you don’t want the iBeats ear buds, they are selling on Ebay for $80 from Rezound users. Razr did better in benchmarks overall, but we are talking just a few seconds.  For these reasons, I prefer the Rezound over Razr

    • Trob6969

      Why would you return the rezound for the galaxy nexus?! The rezound trumps it in every way except screen size, and ‘ice cream sandwich’ out-of-the-box. I don’t care much about that because in a little while the rezound will ALSO have Android 4.0!

      • TimmyT

        I may just grab a Rezound in January when they drop to $99 and sell my mint Thunderbolt with clean ESN including the extended battery ($50 but received for free after complaining to Verizon right away after launch), nice OEM case and unopened ZAGG Invisishield full body protection kit for like $400-$425

      • EJ

        That’s a fair question because I am still wrestling with it. But the reason I am leaning to that is I am afraid the Rezound will not get ICS that fast and future updates will also be slow. GN will always be sooner, given that it is the “Google” phone. That’s one reason.And GN will have it ICS now.  Another one is that I know I will want to root my phone, but so far the Rezound has not been able to get “S-off”, so the ROM cannot be changed. I think it would be must faster without the extra crap on the phone including Sense. I guess maybe they might get S-off but I thought it would have happened by now. 

        • Michael Hickey

          From everything you said, sounds like you should get a Nexus. Had the S and it got updates pretty quickly, but that was with T-Mo and now VZW. The Rezound is not much better than the Nexus. And ICS is going to take a long time to be pushed to the Rezound, plus it will be bloated with Sense. I was wrestling with the thought of keeping my rezound 2 days ago, did a lot of research on the actual differences both hardware and software. I am ditching the rezound for the Nexus, if it gets released that is.
          If there is a bug, it will be fixed in a timely manner. And why risk bricking your phone to make it “like a Nexus”, when you can buy it like that stock?

        • Tony Perez

          There are already postings of instructions how to root the HTC Rezound. You know there are developers who will release “vanilla” ICS for the Rezound likely before it comes from HTC/VZW. Early releases of the OS are nice to get but you want to make sure your apps are also fully compatible with the new OS. I’ve already heard of some apps not working smoothly with ICS and need updating. By the time the Rezound, RAZR, and other new handsets get their updates to ICS, most apps should be updated by then too. 

      • Tony Perez

        I agree with Trob6969. Some may also talk about the larger screen size on the Galaxy Nexus however, that’s only when watching videos. The rest of the time, part of the screen is used for the control buttons and the remaining visual screen size is 4.3 inches. So… no real difference in size to me because I don’t watch videos on my handset constantly.

  • Zandarcass

    I was just told by a Verizon employee that they
    would be selling SGN phones on Monday December the 19th. She also put my name
    on a list for the phone. I feel confident that I will have a Galaxy Nexus in my
    possession on Monday. I am very excited about this. This was at one of
    the smaller Verizon stores in a very small town and the sails woman told me
    that she has already had one other person ask about the phone (LOL ONE
    other person). I am quite sure that she has no Idea what this phone represents
    and I also feel that she was telling me the facts as she knew them.

    • Champ_87

      Oh great, a new rumored date now…Dec. 19th…thanks so much. 

      • EJ

        Exactly what I thought….and Monday will come, then it will be Thursday….then the following Monday….isn’t this how it’s been? Anyone remember Nov. 3 as the release data? 

        • EJ

          opps, meant DATE.

      • Tony Perez

        Historically the majority of handset releases at VZW are not on  Tuesdays.

    • Ralph Ierardi

      I just literally got off the phone with a local verizon employee at 2:37pm here that said they would be going on sale tomorrow, but weren’t taking names to hold a unit for a customer.  I don’t know for sure how much validity is in what he said because of all the speculation that has been going on, but that is what I was told.

  • Vita

    I have an OG Droid too that is currently on its death bed and I need a new phone ASAP. I’ve been eligible for an upgrade since August, but there just hasn’t been anything worthwhile…I would get the razr, but the camera is a piece of crap, so I’ve been waiting on this Nexus. Just called my Verizon store and they said they haven’t gotten a release date yet…grrrrr! I refuse to get an iPhone though, so I’ll just continue to wait :( hope my OG Droid doesn’t breathe its last breath before then!

    • Tony Perez

      I, like you, was free to upgrade in August. The Bionc was disappointing. I don’t know about the camera in the RAZR but the screen has a greenish hue to it that I can’t accept. I heard recently that it’s a result of the Gorilla Glass but I don’t drop stuff on my phone’s screen anyway. My OG Droid is also hanging in there but I’m at a point where I’m using ver 4.4.0 of the Google Maps app because my Droid can’t handle newer versions. The same is true for new apps that require more processor power and RAM. Nexus took too long and it’s hardware isn’t outstanding as expected. Wireless tether is possible with most handsets and eventually the outstanding programmers out there figure out a way to root handsets and recover them to stock if there’s a need. It’s also a way to get the generic “ICS experience” from a non-Nexus handset.

      I believe I’m going to be very happy with my HTC Rezound. At least it’s fast, and powerful, enough to handle Sense 3.5 seamlessly. I’ll confirm this tomorrow when my handset arrives. Good luck to the rest of you who are still waiting.    

  • When a phone is first announced, it builds up anticipation until the actual release date. However, Galaxy Nexus and Verizon is now building up frustration over anticipation… I hate myself for waiting this phone, but the phone is too good to pass!

  • s0uth

     but regardless of what other phones come out and those that are already out. this nexus is and will be GOOGLES latest and greatest and main priority till the next nexus drops. 

  • Anonymous

    Verizon didn’t botch this launch.  The galaxy nexus, like the other “Google experience” phones, makes Verizon almost no money whatsoever.  Google has been a staunch opponent of bloatware, and extras being loaded on their phones by the carrier.  In this case, it bit Google in the arse.  Verizon and Google have been arguing over the Verizon required bloatware since E3.  The phone was able to launch internationally first because Verizon had nothing to do with the international launch, and Google was able to keep their “experience” phone free from crapware.  The next thing to note, is Verizon has required Google to give up their rights to update the phone.  That’s right, Verizon will be the only ones able to push updates to the phone.  That means if you drop them for any reason, your only update path is through a hack like Cyanogenmod.

    I firmly believe that Google would be best served purchasing their own carrier such as Sprint or T-Mobile.  The constant bickering and bullying done by the US carriers is just ridiculous.  They lock people into their own walled garden, much like Apple does.  All the while crying foul at companies like Apple for doing the same thing they do, only better.  The nexus one suffered from much the same treatment.  Verizon and ATT bullied Google until they abandoned the idea of selling the phones themselves and let the carriers back into the deal.  That is such a craptacular way to do business.  Are you listening Verizon, did you hear that ATT?  If Google had their own cellular service, I’d switch carriers so fast Verizon wouldn’t even see the money disappear, it just wouldn’t be there when they looked for it.  For shame Verizon, for shame!

  • Nathan Hosford

    This phone is so late feel sorry for the kids not getting this for Christmas.At this point quadcore teamed with ICS is just around the corner and the Galaxy Nexus will be obsolete the day its launched in the US. just wish Verizon could tell us what the hold up is.If they are fixing bugs thats respectable if its Google wallet or something like that its disappointing.  

  • Caden Stockwell

    Just asked my local vz store and they said they just got a confirmation that iti is launching tomorrow the 15th on ba first come first serve basis! I’m going to be first in line!

  • Michael Hickey

    Your scaring me! How do you know the updates will be from VZW and not Google?

  • AlexM

    I just got a call from my Verizon sales person – it is finally here. She told me i can come and pick up one first thing in the morning. It’s official.

    • JennKruizenga2011

      I just got a call from a dear customer of mine… he reports to me that he just minutes ago received a call from his Verizon Sales Person and that, if all goes well btwn now and tomorrow morning at 9am when the store opens, you can go in an purchase your new GN!!!

      • JennKruizenga2011

        Oh Dear, I hope we have not all just jinxed ourselves…here’s hoping not!!! LOL

  • I just called my store in Beaumont, Texas and they told me to come pick up the Nexus tomorrow morning at 9am! They even scheduled me an appointment to do so. When I called the sales associate answered the phone “Hello would you like to ask about our new Galaxy Nexus.” I think this might actually be happening!

  • I just called a verizon store in Hoboken, New Jersey, and one in the upper east side Manhattan and both said they will be selling the phone tomorrow at 9:00A.M. but they’re gonna be on a first come first serve basis. I hope there’s no line, I don’t wanna wake up early. 

  • Anonymous

    FWIW – I just spoke to my local Verizon store and the sales person did confirm they are authorized to sell GN handsets beginning at the open of business tomorrow (Thursday).  This store received an email at about 5:45 pm ET authorizing the sales.

    What was disappointing and mildly concerning was when I asked what their allotment of handsets was (so I could get an idea what chance I had to purchase one) they said they don’t know yet.  Apparently, they don’t have any physical inventory as yet and expect it to arrive later tonight or very early tomorrow.  No allocation has been assigned in their computer yet.

    So, guess I’ll show up tomorrow at the opening and see what happens.

  • Dborchard

    Im in a Verizon store right now and the manageris putting the nexus out on display as I speak

  • Anonymous

    Ill pay u to root my samsung vibrant. Most of us dont wanna root ourselves.

  • Christopher Morton 1984

    I bought mine yesterday in Canada