Venturing into Vegetable Gardening

I knew the perfect place on the side yard and all I needed to do was get a planter box. Having scoured the web for different ideas, I knew what would work: A 2' (depth) x 6' (width) x 3' (height) redwood planter box. But there were no plans! So I made my own, and am sharing them here.

So I dragged my unsuspecting spouse to OSH to buy the vegetable plants that were on sale for 69 cents each. Now here, dear reader, is an economic lesson on how to use sunk costs to your advantage. Clint did mutter the question, “Now where do you expect we plant these?” To which I cheerfully said, “We’ll figure it out, for 69 cents, how can we go wrong?”

It wasn’t too long after the plants arrived home that I sheepishly looked at Clint and said I had an idea of where we could put the plants.

I declared I knew the perfect place on our side yard and all we needed to do was get a planter box. Having scoured the web for different ideas, I knew I wanted a 2′ (depth) x 6′ (width) x 3′ (height) redwood planter box.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the exact box I wanted so proceeded to design my own. Let’s just say that after two weekends, hauling back lots of redwood timber and lugging bags of soil & compost, I am one happy organic suburban farmer!

If you are interested in building such a redwood planter box, here is the inventory of materials you will need (note: I did build a bottom shelf for my planter table which allows me to store bags of soil – this is optional and not part of the list of inventory):

Read on for materials list, more photos and videos…

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