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Brewing a Cortado on a Jura Super-Automatic espresso machine is efficient when it comes to milk consumption

Super-Automatic espresso machines possess a superpower when it comes to milk-based drinks

The promise of a Super-Automatic espresso machine is simple: you get Café quality espresso drinks at the touch of a button. Because beans are ground on demand you get a fresh cup every time when you want it. Pretty nice. Bean-to-cup machines as some call them have been around for...
Best Espresso Machines - Rancilio Silvia Espresso Machine

Best espresso machines under $1,000 for beginners and aspiring home baristas

Ready to save some money and cut out your daily Starbucks habit? Buying your own home espresso machine is a great way to not only reduce monthly expenditures, but it's also a potential gateway to a new hobby. Learning how to pull espresso shots and make your own Lattes, Cappuccinos,...
Gaggia Classic Evo Pro semi-automatic espresso machine updates and features

2023 Gaggia Classic Evo Pro features 9-bar extraction, updated components

A familiar face gets some welcome improvements
DeLongh coffee machine revenue Q1 2023 results - market trends

Trendspotting: De’Longhi revenue falls as coffee machine market struggles post-pandemic

Like a lot of industries the coffee and espresso machine markets saw pandemic booms. Now that is apparently being followed by a caffeinated hangover. De'Longhi, which sells consumer products such as the well-regarded Stilosa Espresso Machine for home, is the latest coffee machine maker to see a sales decline. Per...
Best Espresso Accessories - Puck screen

Can a Puck Screen help you make a better shot of espresso?

An inexpensive way to improve water flow distribution and improve espresso quality
Evaluating the quality of espresso on a Jura Z10 espresso machine.