Robert Redford and Sissy Spacek Old Man and Gun Film Review

‘The Old Man & the Gun’: Robert Redford shines in true heist account (Film Review)

The Old Man & the Gun is a sweet film, based on the true story of serial bank robber Forrest Tucker. David Grann’s article about Tucker appeared in The New Yorker in 2003 and is the inspiration for the movie. Grann describes Tucker as "one of the most notorious...
Fahrenheit 11/9 Film Review

Fahrenheit 11/9 Film Review: Democracy takes work

Filmmaker Michael Moore fears the consequences of a loss of faith in our country, and says it could be the death knell of democracy.
All it does it make more money - The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

Lost films byNWR: ‘Nest of the Cuckoo Birds’ is definitely quack love

Stark naked drama, to be sure. Checking out the holy grail of lost films on new streaming platform byNWR.
City of the Sun / Mzis qalaqi

‘Tully’ Film Review: Charlize Theron delivers moving portrayal of overwhelmed mother

The San Francisco International Film Festival (SFFilm) continues to impress as it celebrates 56 years of presenting innovative documentaries and extraordinary films over a two-week period.As part of this annual celebration of film, Charlize Theron was honored at the Castro Theater before the showing of her new film, Tully....
Film Review: 'The Judge' documentary at San Francisco International Film Festival

San Francisco International Film Festival: Erika Cohn’s ‘The Judge’ impresses (Review)

Religious courts in Asia Minor historically banned women from adjudicating domestic and family matters – both the Shari’a courts of Islam and the Rabbinic courts of Judaism. Attorney Kholoud Al-Faqih challenges that history.The Judge is an absorbing documentary about an amazing attorney in Palestine, who became the first woman...
Film Review: A Wrinkle in Time

Disney’s ‘A Wrinkle in Time’ indeed a love letter for people who are young at heart (Review)

Is there a better message for today’s world? See this film, and prepare to believe.
Thoroughbreds - Film Review

‘Thoroughbreds’ an eye-catching film with haunting images (Review)

Cory Finley’s script, Lyle Vincent’s vivid cinematography and musical interludes chosen by Erik Friedlander combine to offer a witty but devastating portrait of upper-class suburban life where financial wealth outweighs other concerns.
Annette Bening - Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool - Film Review

In Review: ‘Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool’

Stark Insider In Culture: reviewing Paul McGuigan's Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool.Much has been written about Gloria Grahame (1923 – 1981), the so-called “suicide blonde” and “bad girl of film noir.” Descended from English royalty and bred for acting at an early age, she distinguished herself on film, in stage...