New Tesla Supercharger off-peak schedule for California drivers

Most Tesla owners, and EV owners for that matter, know that the best time to charge their vehicle is during off-peak hours when energy rates are the most cost effective. Both at home and also, when you can, on the road using Superchargers during a trip. The difference in pricing can be significant.

For instance, here in the San Francisco Bay Area on my plan PG&E charges approximately double the rate to charge during peak hours vs. off-peak hours. You definitely want to charge after midnight to save money and help take the burden off the grid.

Per Electrek, Tesla has now shifted its off-peak rate window. Previously it started at 7pm PT. The change now means if you want the best Supercharging rate on the road you’ll want to plug in after 9pm.

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  • Old: 7pm to 9am
  • New: 9pm to 11am

Basically Tesla has shifted the off-peaks schedule by two hours. So the new window runs from 9pm to 11am.

You’ll have to wait later in the evening, but will have more time in the morning. Depending on your needs this is either a great thing or perhaps a minor inconvenience.

Off-peak hours are generally decent (by California standards that is!) with most Superchargers here in Northern California charging $0.24 kWh — which, coincidentally is almost the exact amount I pay off-peak at home on my PG&E plan.

This minor bit of news might be helpful to some planning Easter and summer road trips. If you like to hit the road earlier in the day this schedule shift may be beneficial as you should be able to get an extra charge or two in the morning at the off-peak rates before 11am hits.