Sony Alpha a7 III sale price discount for video shooters

Update 2: Many of these deals below are still running through Cyber Monday.

Update: Amazon does indeed have a few Canon deals as well. I’ve added them below for the (relatively) new Canon EOS RP and R Full-Frame camera bodies (with R mounts).


Finally, there are some decent Black Friday deals on Amazon if you’re in the market for a mirrorless camera with quality video specs. Video shooters will want to head over at least a few times in the coming days in weeks to see if that camera upgrade you’ve been wanting is discounted.

So far it looks like there’s deals to be had on Panasonic, Sony, and Fujifilm for newer models that are well regarded for videography. No BF sales yet — at least not on Amazon — from Canon.

In any case here’s a quick look at some of the better deals I’m seeing on Amazon’s Black Friday camera page.

Sony Alpha a7 III

Sony Alpha a7 III sale price discount for video shooters

List Price: $1,998

Deal Price: $1,798

Buy now: Amazon

Sony shooters already know how good this camera is: 24.2MP full frame sensor, 4K HDR video, 15 stops of dynamic range, outstanding autofocus performance. Plus you get Slog for beautiful color grading possibilities.

This is an excellent choice for anyone shooting weddings, music videos, short films, wildlife vistas, real estate, and just about anything that needs a high quality image in a compact body.

Panasonic Lumix S5

Panasonic Lumix S5 mirrorless camera sale

List Price: $2,298

Deal Price: $1,998

Buy now: Amazon

The Panasonic S5 is a great option for those who are interested in tapping into Panasonic’s beautiful color science, but don’t want to fork out thousands for the top end models such as the S1 and S1H. Never mind that. Because here you can have your cake and eat it too. In my tests I was blown away by the organic image quality coming out of the video files on the S5. To be frank: I was less impressed with the auto-focus performance. It can’t touch Canon. So keep that in mind if you’re planning to use this as a hybrid for photos, and/or use AF during video shoots. However, for video projects that will be using gimbals and manual focus the S5 is a screaming full frame bargain.

Fujifilm X-T4

Fujifilm XT-4 holiday sale

List Price: $1,699

Deal Price: $1,499

Buy now: Amazon

Another solid camera deal that caught my eye is the Fujifilm X-T4. This is the current model in Fuji’s APS-C range. Digital Photography Review (DPreview) awarded the XT-4 a gold award in its glowing review. Fuji has nicely evolved this range and the latest model embodies everything that’s special about shooting video in such a high performance and compact package. IBIS is a huge plus — getting steady handheld shots is a breeze. F-Log is here for 10-bit color flexibility. I admit I’m not so sure about those dedicated dials on the top plate (ISO/shutter speed/exposure compensation). They’re really designed for photography first and foremost. Many swear by them. Just a matter of taste. Regardless, the X-T4 is hall of fame worthy. Add it to your short list if you’re looking for a mirrorless 4K camera with quality video specs.

More Black Friday Camera Deals…

Bookmark this page on Amazon to track Black Friday and holiday camera deals. There’s others to be found. However, so far at least, I think the Sony a7 III, Panasonic S5 and Fujifilm XT-4 are the pick of the litter.

Happy shooting!

Update: Amazon has a few noteworthy Canon deals you might want to check out…