It’s You. That Makes Us.

Peloton Interactive Inc (NASDAQ: PTON) is tapping into community, diversity and good old human emotion for its latest marketing campaign.

Kicking off last week with a one minute ad (see embed below, or watch on YouTube), one of the goals is surely retention.

With gyms re-opening — or soon to be re-opening given the pause due to the D variant — Peloton needs to reinforce the idea that we’re all in this workout thing together. Indeed, here’s the accompanying description to the new video on the YouTube page:

“Dear Peloton community, no matter where you started, or where you’re going, you’re never working out alone. We’re always here pushing with you.”

Of course gyms have a huge advantage. Social. If you enjoy being around other people, socializing and essentially benefitting from surrounding energy it’s hard to beat the physical environment of a gym. Contrast that to Peloton. Or other home workout systems. It’s the complete opposite. Typically those working out at home do so alone. Hence the importance of companies like Peloton promoting features (like the hi-five and leaderboard) that enhance the sense of community. Yes, you’re alone. But you’re really not alone.

WATCH: New Peloton Marketing Campaign Ad — It’s You. That Makes Us.

As for the ad itself, it’s okay. Not bad. Not great.

The biggest problem with those sixty seconds in my view is that they’re not much different than the experience you might get from watching a stock video or any other sort of inspirational corporate piece. You’ve seen it all before.

Based on the views — just over 5,000 at this writing — I get the sense this is not a viral piece. Not that it was designed necessarily to be so. But quirky humor, or something edgy, or perhaps a celebrity cameo might have helped make it memorable. One that many might promptly share on social media.

The sentiment is agreeable. The delivery is, unfortunately, boring.

AdAge reports the spot was run during the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics.

Ironically, the Peloton promo from Christmas 2019 was one most do remember. For better or worse. Yet, that one got the company boatloads of headlines and buzz: