New short film ‘3 Days in Iceland’ by Clinton and Loni Stark to premiere 10.09.2020

A Place in Time. A Woman in Time.

We have a launch date — finally.

3 Days in Iceland, a short film Loni Stark and I have been working on through most of 2020 is almost ready to share. Most of the footage was shot in 2017 on a tiny Sony Alpha a6500 mirrorless camera during a trip to the beautiful (and cold) capital of Reykjavík followed by a tour of the South Coast. There, like so many before, we were in awe of the natural beauty including massive waterfalls covered in ice, glaciers and a black diamond beach. A memorable experience to be sure. And one highly recommended for post-COVID adventure travel seekers.

Loni Stark behind the scenes shooting 3 DAYS IN ICELAND with Clinton Stark
Loni Stark in studio ready to shoot a scene for 3 DAYS IN ICELAND.

Editing Iceland was almost like re-visiting that trip. The backdrop of 2020 is quite the time to be working on a video project — or I’m guessing any intensive creative endeavor. Or, really, doing anything related to day-to-day life. If we had worked on this a year or two ago the result would surely be quite different; my shoulders at least would be relaxed.

Stark Insider - Arts, Film, Tech, Wanderlust3 Days in Iceland

A Place in Time. A Woman in Time.

Incoming! 3 DAYS IN ICELAND. New short film by @clintonstark and @lonistark launches this FRIDAY 10.09.2020.

Atelier Stark - Fine Art & Film by Loni and Clinton Stark

3 Days in Iceland.

A new short film by Clinton and Loni Stark.

Production Company:
Atelier Stark Films in association with BLG Media

October 9, 2020.

Stark Insider, Vimeo, YouTube.

In any case we’ve completed the post production, and this will be our first video here on Stark Insider in quite some time. Last year we released the second of the 3 Days series, with 3 Days in Paris. And before that there was 3 Days in Sonoma. A trilogy of beautiful and interesting places we were so fortunate to have had visited in a pre-pandemic world.

Thanks for dropping by, hope to see you Friday 10.09.2020. We’re off to the incredible, unforgettable world known as Iceland.


A Place in Time. A Woman in Time.
FRIDAY 10.09.2020

Clinton & Loni
San Francisco, California

Incoming! 3 DAYS IN ICELAND. New short film by @clintonstark and @lonistark launches this FRIDAY 10.09.2020.