If you’ve shared a Spotify account with your significant other you probably know the frustration of having your musical preferences intertwined. For me, the hardship is seeing Taylor Swift song-bombing my obscure Canadian New Wave sensibilities. No more!

Spotify feels our pain. Today the Sweden-based music streaming superpower unveiled a new Premium Duo plan:

Spotify Premium Duo plan
New Premium Duo plan ($12.99) slots in between Spotify Premium ($9.99) and Spotify Family ($14.99).

As the name implies this is a plan designed to be shared between two people — so long as you reside at the same address.

At $12.99 per month Duo undercuts the Family plan by $2 USD. The current Spotify Premium plan remains $9.99 per month.

As you might expect with Duo, each person retains their own playlists and preferences, and Daily Mixes will be faithfully curated based on your own personal musical inclinations.

Upon the news I Swiftly changed our plan.

The way it works is one account holder is deemed the “plan manager”. That would be me in this case. I then can invite someone else by messenger, Whatsapp or email (or I can just copy a custom URL). That person — Loni Stark — then creates a login. That’s all there is to it. You can now each login to separate Spotify worlds. When you login to Spotify on a web browser and click Account, you’ll see a new “Spotify Premium Duo” section on the left-hand side. Again, for all this to work you need to both reside at the same address.

All in all this a much welcomed change. For about 30% more per month I think it’s pretty decent value — though I sometimes wonder if the default Spotify Premium plan should accommodate two users in the first place.

Now I can sit back and dig into Images in Vogue, Strange Advance, Spoons, Chalk Circle, Rational Youth and all that synth innovation that Canada brought to the world in the early 1980’s — Swifty free. Sweet ethereal goodness!