Peloton Top 10 Best Accessories: Amazon Echo Buds Earbuds

Small, but significant update today for owners of Amazon’s Echo Buds.

Amazon sent an email informing customers that in “very rare” cases the Echo Buds could overheat while charging in the case. A software update (318119151) is available to address the issue. But it does require some action on your part.

You’ll need to first check the version of software your Echo Buds are running. Then, if they aren’t the latest release, open the lid of the case and with at least 30% battery ensure then close the lid and leave the Buds within Bluetooth range of your phone. Within about 30 minutes the update should complete. Official instructions from Amazon are below.

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Applying the Software Update to Prevent Overheating

You will automatically receive the update when your Echo Buds connect via Bluetooth to your phone and the Alexa app.

To confirm the update:

  • Open the Echo Buds case (ensure both buds are in the case)
  • Confirm that your Echo Buds are Bluetooth connected to your phone
  • Open the Alexa app and select “Devices” in the bottom right
  • Choose “Echo & Alexa” then “Echo Buds”
  • Scroll to the “About” section at the bottom of the page
  • Confirm that your device is running software version 318119151 or higher

If you have a different software version, follow these instructions to initiate the software update:

  • Open the lid of the case with the Echo Buds inside and confirm that they are connected to Bluetooth on your phone and the Alexa app
  • Check that your Echo Buds and case are at least 30% charged
  • Close the case lid with the Echo Buds inside, and keep within Bluetooth range of your phone for 30 minutes
  • Check that the software version is 318119151 or higher, following the instructions above

I just followed the instructions and quickly received the update without any issues.

So be sure you have software 318119151 as soon as possible to avoid any overheating risk.

In any case the Echo Buds remain my favorite earbuds for working out on the Peloton. The bass prominent heavy sound profile is great for accenting the beat. And I find that doesn’t come at the risk of mid or upper range quality either. Noise isolation (by Bose) is absolutely superb. Perhaps best of all, these earbuds are among the least expensive — featuring active noise cancellation — in its class. One downside: the touch controls can be finicky. With some time, though, I find I got use to poking them to get tracks to pause, skip, etc. rather than a normal touch. Sounds kind of odd, but once you practice a bit the controls work as expected. Highly recommended set of buds.