Stark Insider Presents: Short film ‘Azul’ shot in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico

“I believe in my mask—The man I made up is me I believe in my dance—And my destiny”.

Sam Shepard might not have been the first thing on our minds when we headed to Loreto Bay late last year. But when we walked past a stand downtown and spotted colorful wrestling masks, inspiration struck. And so it would be AZUL, a sequel of sorts to a short we shot here many, many years ago called MORADO.

We shot this one on a Panasonic GH5 (save for the post-credit segment which was shot on RED Dragon) and made liberal use of 4K/60 slow motion, which was then conformed to a 23.98fps timeline. That a mirrorless camera at this price point can offer this kind of performance is impressive. Once again I really appreciated the small size of the GH5, not to mention its rock solid durability.

But AZUL is about a journey. A transformation. Perhaps.

I’ll be back with more soon on Stark Insider with exciting news about more upcoming film and doc projects. Cause The Beat will never stop.

For now grab your favorite beverage of choice and enjoy a trip to one of our favorite travel destinations… a place called Loreto.

Short Film: AZUL

A women in a strange mask descends into a transformative journey.

Azul on IMDB

Featuring Loni Stark
Written & Directed by Clinton Stark
Shot on Location in Loreto Bay and Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico