Twin Peaks The Return - Cooper and Palmer in the Red Room

As was widely predicted, Twin Peaks has received several Emmy nominations.

The reboot, featuring 18 one-hour episodes aired on Showtime last year, was the successor to the original hit series which ran for two seasons in 1990 (back when Madonna’s “Vogue” was topping the charts). Mark Frost and David Lynch, who directed, once again teamed up to write the season.

In total, Twin Peaks: The Return has received 9 nominations:

  • Editing (for Part 8) / Duwayne Dunham, David Lynch, Jonathan P. Shaw ACE, Brian Berdan ACE, Justin Krohn, Jason Wa Tucker ACE
  • Hairstyling / Clare M. Corsick, Bryn Leetch
  • Makeup / Debbie Zoller, Richard Redlefsen
  • Sound Editing (for Part 8) / Ron Eng, Dean Hurley, David Lynch, David A. Cohen, Kerry Dean Williams, Luke Gibleon, Willard Overstreet
  • Sound Mixing (for Part 8) / Ron Eng, Dean Hurley, Douglas Axtell
  • Writing / David Lynch, Mark Frost
  • Production Design / Ruth De Jong, Cara Brower, Florencia Martin
  • Cinematography (for Part 8) / Peter Deming, ASC
  • Directing / David Lynch

But the news is a bit bittersweet. Oddly, none of the cast of the show made the cut. Most notably that means snubs for Kyle McLachlan (Agent Cooper and a few of his doppelgangers) and Naomi Watts (Janey-E Jones) both who delivered impressive performances in roles that were decidedly non main-stream, requiring layer after layer of… well… well, Lynchian gusto.

Twin Peaks: The Return, Part 8.

Here’s hoping the Twin Peaks team gets their fair share of wins. By all accounts the show as a critical and commercial success, and proved that not every TV show needed to follow the standard episodic formula to find its audience.


In related news, with 112 nominations Netflix has dethroned HBO and its 17-year Emmy streak. Long live the new streams!

The Emmy Awards takes place in L.A. on September 17, 2018.