New Stark Insider Short Film: You. Really. Got. (VIDEO)

A malevolent rock-and-roll force inhabits Loni Stark and delivers a baffling message.

Loni and I have rolled out the latest installment in the Stark Insider 2017 Short Film Collection.

It’s called You. Really. Got. and can be watched above, here, or via the YouTube embed below.

Slightly shorter than the other 4 films to this point, this one is sort of like sushi ginger, a palate cleanser, before the big finale next week. That one is still in the edit bay. Limping along. Sometimes these things fly with ease — especially when properly storyboarded and thought through in advance — while other times they kind of randomly zig and zag on the timeline, hopelessly looking for rhythm and mood and some kind of result, ultimately satisfying or otherwise.

Dead ends during the video editing process can often be aided with the assistance of Walter Murch’s invaluable “In The Blink of An Eye”. There the master editor and cinematographer sets out 6 key rules for editing effectiveness:

Walter Murch Rule of Six

  1. Emotion
  2. Story
  3. Rhythm
  4. Eye Trace
  5. Two Dimensional Place of Screen
  6. Three Dimensional Space

Oscar-winning Murch lists these in order of importance. So if all else fails, for instance, you should put all your effort into “emotion” and ensuring any cuts you make reinforce it. Murch, who likes to edit standing up, is famously known for his work on iconic productions such as Apocalypse Now (1979), The English Patient (1996), The Godfather: Part II (1974), and, more recently, Tomorrowland (2015). Needless to say his wisdom is highly prized stuff.

We have one more Stark Insider short film left in this series. If all goes well it should land here next week and provide a capstone for the “Who is Stark Insider?” series. Then, it will be back to our regularly scheduled programming among various other projects — one of which is huge announcement Loni Stark and I will make in 2018.

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Who is Stark Insider? Loni Stark as Harley Quinn.

“Who is Stark Insider?”

0. Past. Present. Future.

1. A. Blinding. Light.

2. Que. Sera. Sera.

3. Rise. Kind. Star.

4. You. Really. Got.

5. Fish. In. Fridge.

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Stark Insider Original: You. Really. Got.