Matchbook Wine - The Arsonist Red 2012

2012 Matchbook Red Blend, California

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Matchbook Wine - The Arsonist Red 2012
VERDICT: "Smashing stuff"
Red Blend, 13.8% alc.
$22 Review by Clinton Stark

Under any normal, rational scenario I’d say — and I’d suspect you’d agree — that an arsonist is not such a good thing.

But, when it comes to wine…

Dunnigan Hills is one of those places, located in the far Northern reaches of California (in Yolo County) that, like Lodi, Mendocino, doesn’t ignite widespread consumer recognition. That’s too bad. Spectacular wines are here for the taking. That the region remains a small secret, though, probably benefits those of us who are on a perpetual mission for wine bargains.

Matchbook - 2012 The Arsonist wine review

The Arsonist is a pretty darn good Bordeaux style red blend:

52% Petit Verdot

24% Cabernet Sauvignon

24% Merlot

You get the heft of that Cab (tannins!), playfulness of the merlot (herbal notes), and, with the majority of the grapes being from the Petite Verdot, you get that dry, French sensibility. Mais, oui. It’s a very satisfying pour.

Not a lightweight, to be sure. This is, as they say, a “chewy” wine — and you’ll know that could make for some purple lips if you and your significant other decide to enjoy a bottle on a mellow Saturday night.

Matchbook Wine Review

Aside from jail, turns out an arsonist can also pair well with a slab of grilled New York strip. Trust me, I just had to do some first-hand testing myself last weekend on a balmy evening here in Silicon Valley. I’ll take that with a side of steak-frites every time.

Matchbook made 2,878 cases of this 2012, and at just $22 it’s a heck of a deal for a wine that’s aged for no less than 28 months.

Fire stealing Prometheus

stole a Spark of the Sun

to be place in Human hands,

and changed our Destiny

Wine stories. Or haiku. Or poems. All good.

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