Social media is revving up this morning. Why is a giant orange box sitting in a tourist area along the Embarcadero waterfront in San Francisco? And–more importantly–what’s inside?

CNET posted this photo just minutes ago of the inconspicuous “Amazon Locker”:

The theories began flying left, right and center. It’s full of a bunch of books, said one potential late night writer. Or, maybe a Velociraptor wrote another commenter (“careful now”). Better. Oprah Bees? Random, but decent.

How about “the DeLorean I ordered from Doc Brown”?


Another photo of the locker published earlier on my FB stream bya friend showed the same package from a different angle, and essentially revealed the mystery of the #giantlocker:

Amazon delivers Nissan Rogue car using locker
Spotted in San Francisco: It’s a box of books. A velociraptor. Or… an economy car?

Note that Nissan logo?

Ah, yes, a joint publicity stunt.

And, if you check the Nissan Twitter stream, you’ll find this Tweet:

Case solved; though I think it would’ve been just slightly cooler if the car in question was the new BMW i8 hybrid supercar.

Nissan and Amazon both win. Good timing, too. Fridays are notorious slow days in tech and for news in general, so this teaser was able to grab our attention, unwitting or not. Next I’m sure we’ll see more updates of the package being opened. Maybe Beach Blanket Babylon will make an appearance, and a colorful musical will break out. We can only hope.

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