SwingTIP: It's never too early in the season to work on your game. We found the app and the included hardware sensor (seen above) incredibly useful in measuring swing adjustments.
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SwingTIP Wireless Swing Analysis Tool

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 stars - 'Outstanding - Starkie!'
Price: 129.99
Lots of useful swing analysis data. Helpful, easy to read charts. Set-up was straight forward. Fast performance: data available within 3-4 seconds of each swing.
"Outstanding - Starkie!"
A great way to improve your game. By combining a hardware sensor with a data rich smartphone App for Android and iPhone, the SwingTIP could be one of the best ways to analyze and ultimately improve your swing.
Review by Clinton Stark

SwingTip ($129 online) promises to improve your golf swing. There’s no shortage of such claims out there and an equally large number of (often bizarre) devices and contraptions that if you believe the marketing copy would turn you into the next Tiger Woods… overnight.

So we cast a skeptical eye when we read about the SwingTip app and the small sensor that attaches to a club. Does the app actually make a difference in your game? We took the gadget out to the local golf club, drove, and swung like mad for several day, and here’s the results.


The SwingTip hardware consists of a small sensor that easily and quickly attaches to the shaft of the club of your choice an inch or so below the grip. The sensor is aligned with the grooves on the clubface using a built in sight. SwingTip is powered by a rechargeable battery and sends data via Bluetooth to your portable  iOS or Android device. I used an Apple iPod Touch. Pairing was painless, and in no time I was ready to setup the app.


The free SwingTip app installs on your smartphone (Android, iPhone) and collects the data for review after each swing. After your swing session or golf round you can sync the data with your computer to store and review your swings. The SwingTip web site provides an easy account set-up and stores and displays your data by date and club type.  The data is summarized in attractive and informative graphs.

SwingTip in Action

The app indicated that it was “searching for sensor” before changing to “ready for next swing.” Within three to four seconds of each swing I could see feedback displayed on the screen. I especially like the way SwingTip provides a replay of the swing with the back-swing in blue and the downswing in yellow. Three views are available, and data graphically displayed for each swing includes:

  • Club speed in mph – also shows variance from your average
  • Impact zone – heel, sweet spot, or toe
  • Swing path – outside in, square, or inside out
  • Face angle – open, square, closed
  • Swing tempo – back swing timing numerically compared to downswing

The app permits you to overlay a “professionally correct swing” so you can compare that with your effort. Also built into the app are tips by Ray Leach.

The Experience

The device worked as advertised for setup and performance. The SwingTip consistently sensed two common problems with my swing – outside in swing path and open clubface. The Ray Leach tips provided some good suggestions but I think it will be more effective in combination with lessons from a professional instructor who can detect which aspect of your swing to adjust to correct the fault. Then you can use the SwingTip on your own to practice the lessons and obtain feedback on your progress.


Combining informative graphics and rich analysis, the SwingTip provided an enjoyable learning experience. I highly recommend it for golfers interested in improving their swings. It should add value to the money you spend on golf lessons and increase the effectiveness of your practice sessions. Fore!

SwingTIP Wireless Golf Swing Analysis Tool

5 out of 5 stars – Highly Recommended

$129 (find it online)

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Club Statistics:

SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review

Club Speed:

SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review


SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review

Face Angle:

SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review

Impact Zone:

SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review

Swing Path:

SwingTip Wireless Golf Club Swing Analysis Tool - Review

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