The moon may be super, but this shot not so much. Still, I attempted to squeeze every ounce of redemption thanks to Lightroom.

And a firedance through the night.

Test subject: Supermoon Silicon Valley.

Firepower: Canon EOS 60D and Canon 18-200mm. Tripod, and 2 second shutter timer to prevent vibration from disturbing the focus.

Secret weapon: Massive post using Adobe Lightroom 4 which involved sliding levers with great zeal until a mediocre source was made somewhat appealing:

I was surprised by the amount of useable detail hidden in the shadows. On the right: Shadows +100, a personal record for over-boosting.

Result: I like the framing; captures last evening nicely. But otherwise far from great. No detail on the sun is my biggest failure on this one. If I could just get that detail, and some softer white on the moon.

The Verdict: When I came in to show my wife, Loni, the result she said “yeah, nice” before returning back to Fun “We Are Young” on YouTube (again, and again… the humanity). I thenĀ proceeded to rapidly explain all the weaknesses inherit in Canon’s design of this particular lens.

I hear the moon is sticking around this month. Good thing. Second chances are always welcome.