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SuperTooth HD

4 out of 5 stars
4 out of 5 stars - 'Smashing'
Easy set-up; pairs in a jiffy; loud and clear; portable, with strong clip that mounts to visor; 20 hour talk time; includes adapter and USB charging cable.
Voice quality of assistant is decent, though robotic; Interface could be faster, and less cluttered.
A great way to add a bluetooth speakerphone to your Lamborghini Miura.
Review by Clinton Stark

Here’s an inexpensive, reliable way to add handsfree dialing to your car. The SuperTooth HD is a small Bluetooth-enabled speaker you clip on to your visor. Pair it with a smartphone and you’re all set for handsfree phone calls, as well as texting (and email) too.

In my tests, I came away impressed. Out of the box, the SuperTooth was ready to go with the battery already at a 50% (or “medium” as the nifty voice assistant told me) – a nice touch. Bluetooth pairing was simple. I ensured Bluetooth was activated on my iPhone and the device quickly locked on and even synced my address book. A clip, held in place by two powerful magnets, kept the SuperTooth firmly in place on the visor.

Did I mention this thing is loud?! That’s a good thing, especially when you’re near an airport or construction site. I don’t think you’ll have any problem hearing others during calls (speaker is 5watt RMS).

I like the volume knob; no¬†gnashing¬†of +/- buttons required to adjust the levels. Push in on the knob (hey, it’s a bit like BMW iDrive!) and you can issue voice commands including: “Voice Dial”, “Call Home”, “Answer”, “Call Voice Mail”, etc. SuperTooth recognizes 14 voice commands, and I had no problem getting the device to recognize my voice.

You can connect up to two phones, so you and your spouse can both be paired and ready. If you like you can stream music through the speaker, though I’m not a fan of the sound quality for tunes (it’s perfect for voice though). It can even read out your emails, though the electronic voice could grate.

At $129, the SuperTooth is on the pricey side, but you can find it online for less (try Amazon, where it’s going for about $73).

Overall I’m impressed. If you have an older car – like that Lamborghini Miura you use for Best Buy runs – this is a great way to add a Bluetooth speakerphone.

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