HyperThin HDMI cable for iPad, iPhone, Apple TV

HyperThin HDMI cable for iPad, iPhone, Apple TVIt looks like the wait is finally over, and my mobile HD dreams have come true today. The HyperThin is dubbed “the world’s thinnest, most compact and most flexible HDMI cable.” Raise the roof! Isn’t it about time someone made an HDMI cable that weighed less than 10 pounds, and didn’t require its own caddy?

The HyperThin reportedly will work with all portable electronics, but we suspect fans of Apple TV, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, and the Mac mini will be particularly interested. Fitting enough, the cable is available in two colors: black and white, and two lengths (.8, and 2.5 meter). Prices start at a Monster-crushing $19.95.

Thin is in. According to the manufacturer, the cable itself is all of 2mm thick which is even thinner than the iPhone/iPad sync cable. Thankfully the cable does not compromise performance. You still get 15.8Gps HD bandwidth, 240Hz video image refresh rate and 48-bit color.

Slow Monday? Perhaps, but it’s the little thin things that matter sometimes. More: hyperthin.com.

Clinton Stark
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