Farmers Market Loreto, Baja California Sur

Farmers Market Loreto, Baja California Sur

Another Baja adventure has almost come to an end. We’re shutting down the cottage… also known as Casa del Lagarto Azul. Every time we reach the end of our stay, we’re reluctant to leave for so many reasons — the weather, the friendly people here in Loreto, the neighbors we get to see. But another peculiar reason: the casa is always more comfortable, more livable than the first day we arrive. That’s because each day brings improvements, be it buying a small piece of furniture, hanging a Mexican oil painting, or installing hand-painted outdoor light covers.

Nevertheless, there is always the next trip to look forward to. Meantime, the short journey back to Northern California begins.

But not without a visit to pay tribute to the Papaya Gods.

Every Sunday morning Loreto holds one of the most fantastical farmers market in the known universe. It happens in the desert. Locals, tourists and gringos alike mix, mingle and otherwise partake in the economic machination that is the good old fashion cash-and-carry market trade.

I’ve shot video before at the Farmer’s Market (alert: pre-Canon T2i rig and pre-Danny Boyle-inspired cutting) and also taken many, many photos. But this time I wanted to focus less on the fruit, and more on the people. The photos below is this neophytes attempt to let the faces tell the stories.

Thanks for reading, and following along. Meantime, the adventure is just beginning. To get the real inside scoop, the hardcore scoop — without the homey ginger pretense and tourista sugar coating, I present: Scorpion Bay… starting here, right now…

Clinton Stark
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