Some things never change. Bosoms–the heaving, visible from the upper balcony kind–are all the rage these days across San Francisco Bay Area theater and stage. Not that I’m complaining of course; it just strikes me as interesting that these marketing “devices” keep popping up in my emails and across social networking sites.

Some times they are mega-sized and precariously contained.

So much so in some cases I had to think for a moment if we should run the photo. After a moment’s hesitation, heaven for the weather, hell for the company, I decide: yes, of course, we should lead with these well conceived glossies. It’s possibly even a matter of public safety.

In reference to the circus and dinner theater, Beaver Bauer, the high profile costume designer for A.C.T. and Teatro ZinZanni recently said, “It’s sex and danger.”

Kind of like Goldfinger perhaps.

Scapin, fully-clothed
Scapin, fully-clothed

Also, note that it’s not just the bosom getting the spotlight. In fact, these days the Bay Area stage is a veritable showcase for raging hormones: nudity, tight yoga pants and afternoon delight (First Day of School), cross-dressing (La Cage), libido in motion (Burn the Floor), sinuous Cleopatra (Teatro ZinZanni). And I’ve yet to even mention Scapin.

It’s almost as if marketeers here have torn a page out of the FHM, Maxim and Stuff playbooks.

Bosoms-in-Theater - Opera is fun
“Only you can save me!” – Bosoms-in-Theater – Opera is fun

Again, not that I’m complaining. Besides, there’s something for everyone too.

"Hold me." - "Wait, is this a play?"
“Hold me.” – “Wait, is this a play?”

After seeing the touring Broadway production of Burn the Floor, I immediately made a mental note to some day get a personal trainer, and to some day start going to the gym more often. Some day. But that’s what hockey is for, no?

Then we had the buff guys at Magic Theatre in The Brothers Size, part two of the Brother/Sister Plays, strutting around a garage, testosterone raging (with acting chops to match). See, I’m pointing these things out to demonstrate that I’m fair-and-balanced; equal opportunity for all the sexes.

It could be that I’m seeing things in a rather distorted manner. Blame the espresso, the Diet Coke. But please don’t blame Canada.

Enjoy the weekend, get out there and see a show, then tell me if I’m onto something here.

Heaven for the weather, hell for the company.

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