Sunday Espress Editorial Clint

Sunday Espress Editorial ClintGood morning, this might be a little shorter than usual. I sit here at 3am, the MacBook Pro aglow as I frantically sip espresso, just minutes before we need to head up 101 to SFO. I’m off to Ottawa for a quick getaway…


It’s always the same. I’m sitting at O’Hare with my hair disheveled, and early morning–très cool–stubble. Where’s the coffee?

The thing about flying west-east is it’s a drag. I get up at 3am, but don’t arrive until 6pm local time. It burns an entire day, if you are lucky. You can never prognosticate if planes will be on time. If they are late and miss a connection, you may spending an evening at the ritzy “gate hotel”. At least on return I’ll have a tail wind. But I’m not complaining in the least.

For 12 years now I’ve made the return to trip back to my real “home” in Ottawa, Canada — home to Alanis Morissette, Tom Cruise (who attended school here), Tom Green (shout out), Hit ′N Run (who? My band from 1991!), Jim Stechyson (shout out), entrepreneurs Terry Matthews and Mike Cowpland (yes, shout outs), and 1976 Grey Cup Champions, the Ottawa Rough Riders (take that Regina!).

Ottawa is my all-time favorite city, and will be until the day I die; eh.

Granted, growing up there brings a certain bias.

But the city–the capital of Canada I hope you know–brings the perfect mix of arts, culture, sophistication, class, easy-going nature, warm people, and intelligent journalism. Hockey is an incredible thing; to see everyone huddle into the pubs, and family rooms across the great Nation and enjoy the greatest game every invented.

Then there is Harvey’s. Say no more.

There’s a reason why NHL teams deplane, get on the bus, and immediately stop at the nearest Harvey’s. Harvey’s is the ultimate burger. Yes, a thing of beauty. In-N-Out Burger? Come on (with Sean Connery accent), you must be joking! There are no secret messages of dubious distinction on these beauties, just the best damn burger you’ll ever find… anywhere. Period.

Gophers (still)

I can’t recall if I’ve written about it here yet (but in frustration, I’ve Tweeted and Facebooked about it — of course), but these feisty little Gophers are driving me bonkers. Little mounds, making their way from the preserve out back of our home, under the fence, and underneath our flagstone. The ground has increasingly become soft.

Advice: in addition to not tearing your MCL, I also recommend you not resort to a solar-powered stake that should apparently scare the little buggers. Let’s recap the features:

  • Sonic noise irritates rodents eventually moving them to quieter surrounding – Not true.
  • Sonic noise will not affect regular house pets – Didn’t bother me (and apparently no one else either).
  • Solar powered, no need for electricity or batteries – True!
  • Compact design and water resistant casing perfect for outdoor use – True!
  • Covers an area of approximately 7500 Sq. Feet (1/6 acre) – I’d say subjective at best, for all I know it covers the entire bankrupt state of California (and is equally effective).

As I glance over into our yard while typing this, I envision a gopher, dancing and taunting me.

If I squint I might just see the guy. But, I never do. I just see the evidence; mounds of displaced ground cover, soil strewn across the flagstone. Just like Snufalufagus… will anyone believe me?


Loni said, “I have to say everyone’s having babies these days!” — our friends and neighbors, Bob and Sandy, included.

We had a wonderful Friday evening with them and their little 3-week old boy, Jett. Love the name! No worries here about, you know, Borris, Cyrano or Madoff. Who wouldn’t want to be friends with Jett?

I’d like to write more. But Loni beckons, and is pointing to her watch.

It’s pitch dark.

And, once again, we must bolt up highway 101… at least the new paving is nice… SFO is always a joy (except security)… I hope everything is charged–MBP, Droid, Touch… I’m looking forward to hands-on with the new Kindle next month… for now I bring TED episodes, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, Car & Driver… our golf plans have been curtailed slightly by my MCL hockey injury… I love the smell of lavender in our garden, and the star jasmine out front in the morning… ahh … yes, this is going to be a great trip…

Clinton Stark
Clinton shoots videos for Stark Insider. San Francisco Bay Area arts, Ingmar Bergman and French New Wave, and chasing the perfect home espresso shot 25 seconds at a time (and failing). Peloton: ClintTheMint. Camera: Video Gear