The Artist Diaries
The Artist Diaries
The Office with oil paint?

Who knew there could be so much intrigue in an oil painting class? It must be the intense creative process that unleashes all that drama. Or maybe it’s the fact that here we have: Half A Duck Head.

Folks, here it is, the latest episode of The Artist Diaries. Like The Office but with oil paint. The personalities and characters emerge sans script. I’d like to say you’ll learn something here, or even laugh. Distant maybes on both accounts.

“I know what you do!” says Lee Hartman, everyone’s favorite art teacher. “You paint in, paint out, paint in, paint out.”

Sometimes we like to have fun around here, throw caution to the wind. Student and aspiring artist Loni kind of fades quietly into the background while her classmates watch the drama of the duck painting unfold. Even I get involved, unwittingly… sort of. I’m an innocent man! An innocent bystander just documenting another ordinary day at art class.

At one point Lee tells Loni, “You don’t stay in here, and bad mouth the students.” Then: “Listen, you guys think you can get away with anything. You can’t get away with anything. Nothing. Nothing! Nada!”

Tell us about it. Not a day goes by when we don’t hear that about StarkSilverCreek. Ah, new media, we love you.

Technical notes: Shot on a Canon T2i with Rode Videomic. 1080p/24fps. Canon 18-55mm lens. Produced with Adobe Premiere Pro. Minor color processing.