It’s been a bit of a bachelor week with Loni travelling across Europe, and slowly the fridge’s balance has gone all out of whack, clearly favoring non-essentials. Food? Come on now, that would take up too much space. Where would I store all the beer, leftover pizza? Well, okay, slight exaggeration—slight. I suppose it wouldn’t be the first (or last) time my imagination has gotten the better of me here on SSC.

Blue Moon

Maybe it’s the spring weather, or just an appreciation for the occasional switerchoo (such is the spice of life), but whatever the reason I find myself savoring all things Chardonnay and all things Blue Moon. I don’t know why. I’m usually a big red drinker. I love Napa Cabs through-and-through, and have much work to do ahead me if I’m ever to have success in keeping up with our cellar.

At Costco recently I was attracted to a display for Blue Moon beer. It was staffed by two helpful, young women.

Oh, they didn’t know much about beer, or Blue Moon. But they were extremely eager to tell me with bountiful exuberance about Blue Moon. I found it a very persuading presentation.

A case later, the remainders sit awaiting frosted in the fridge, edging out Loni’s salads (arugula? baby lettuce?). The perfect thirst quencher, post hockey game, or gym workout.

Oh – by the way, although orange is suggested, a lemon slice also does the trick.

Canon T2i

Have I told you yet how impressed I am with the new Canon T2i DSLR camera? That this kind of quality, power is now available in a sub-$1000 camera is really impressive. Not that I like using terms like game-changer, but this is exactly what Canon has done. There’s an easy way to see which cameras are hot when it comes to pro and semi-pro video. Just check out what the indie filmmakers are using. Turns out a lot of them are using the T2i in music video, films, shorts. Just about everything.

It’s quite a bit bigger than a point-and-shoot, but the added quality will be worth it I think in many situations. Especially in locations that have no shortage of beautiful sights such as Napa and Loreto, Baja.


Just when I think some of the new social media tools have become fads—or as I like to say, narcissistic, spam-generation machines—I get a first-hand lesson in their utility and ability to keep family and friends in touch. With Loni in Europe, I can quickly visit Facebook to see where’s she been, where she’s going. Belgium post. The Louvre. Chocolate cooking class. Moulin Rouge. Hang on a sec… and I’m stuck at home with Blue Moon?

Then then are my parents, my Mom now a full-blown Foursquare fanatic. Who would have thunk? It tells me that social media is most definitely mainstream. White hot, still. So I could follow Mom & Dad in Florida then back up to Ottawa. Photos, stories and tidbits on Facebook go a long way to keeping a connection and inspiring.

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