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Cirque du Soleil OVOBehind the Scenes: Cirque du Soleil OVO

The greatest show on earth is now playing downtown San Jose under the Grande Chapiteau (big top). Under the yellow and blue tent at 87 and Taylor, a secret world teeming with insects thrives every night. But what about that mysterious egg? Go behind the scenes as host Loni Kao Stark takes you backstage to check out some of the technology used to create the magic, plus the grueling and instense workout routines. Raising the Big Top. Wardrobe. Rock wall climbing. Trampoline. Underneath the stage. It’s all here. OVO – Oh Wow!

Stark Q&A: Google and Nexus One

A few weeks ago, a Canadian newspaper contacted Clinton Stark for an interview about Google and their new Nexus One smartphone.

“With Android, they’re licensing the OS to other manufacturers, and at the same time selling their own branded phone (the Nexus One). The risk is that partners won’t like competing with the very company they are partnering with. Co-opetition though is not uncommon in the valley.”

Loni tests her DIY vegetable planter boxJust in time for Spring! Download: Loni’s famous vegetable planter box plans

Don’t ask us how, but Loni’s vegetable planter box plans have become some of the most heavily downloaded gardening plans on the Internet. Australia. New Zealand. UK. Canada… hang on, this is beginning to sound like a good song! If you have a green thumb, and want to plant some vegetables, herbs or any sort of plant, check out Loni’s free plans, plus videos.

Cinequest Film FestivalCinequest Film Festival 20

San Jose’s annual film festival, Cinequest, is in full swing, now in the second week. Get out while you still have a chance to watch some of the best independent films, mingle with the filmmakers, and enjoy Maverick meet-ups. The StarkSilverCreek Cinequest Guide includes reviews, interviews, on location action, and behind-the-scenes footage.

Adobe Youth VoicesAdobe Youth Voices

See the future of film! It all starts with our youth, who are bringing their voices along with messages from their communities across the Bay Area to film camp. In just 4 weeks, they go from concept to production. Check out the Adobe Youth Voices posts for on location videos of the teens working with mentors to complete inspiring short films that will screen at Cinequest.

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