Google Social Product Announcement ComingIt’s been a characteristically busy time for Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) so far this year. First there was the uber launch of Nexus One in January. Then a television ad during the Super Bowl over the weekend. As some have asked, did hell freeze over?

Now, tomorrow, it looks like our favorite 6-letter company is launching a new “social product.”

When I began reading the headlines and stories about it, I was curious because not a peep has been leaked or blogged. That is unusual.

Then again, most “leaks” are well orchestrated buzz generators conducted by the companies themselves. So, looks like Google wants to keep this one under the hat, and make a splash. Or perhaps it’s just a minor announcement. Hard to say. However, I don’t know that “minor” and “announcement” are two words that go together well when describing a Google launch.

Described by the Wall Steet Journal as a feature that will “take a swipe at Facebook” it reportedly will enable Gmail users to more readily view media and status updates from friends. Will that mean the inclusion of embedded video? A status bar in Gmail? Or more?

According to a TechCrunch article by Michael Arrington, the new product will go beyond simple Gmail integration.

He wrote, “Some details emerged earlier today on the Wall Street Journal (“a new feature that makes it easier and faster for users of Gmail to view media and status updates”), but our understanding is that the product goes well beyond a Gmail integration.”

Clinton Stark
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