It’s that time of year. We reflect. Enjoy the company of family and friends. And potentially reflect more, with an eggnog hangover.

Soon I’ll enjoy a white Christmas as we head North for our annual Canadian trek. It’s a tradition I never tire of.

As I think about that trip, I realize the 3 most important things in life…

1. Gadgets

I almost listed Fry’s Electronics here. It’s a close call. But there are many places—including online sites and blogs— to satisfy the 24/7 gadget craving that seems to have engulfed the entire nation, one downloadble app at a time.

2. Diet Coke

It’s the “bridge” soda. Or maybe transition is a better word. How else would I get from morning espresso to evening wine? Diet Coke, you’re the best. Especially that first sip.

3. Moto Droid

Droid. Ah, yes, at a recent dinner outing, Loni has already threatened to run you over with her car in front of a small crowd. But don’t fret, that’s why you’re made of glass and metal. Me? Just flesh and blood; declining voice recognition, and terrible with directions.