Here’s a quick look at our home in Agua Viva in Loreto Bay.

Some noteworthy items so far:

  • The new terminal is open; modern, airy and spacious. I do miss the palapa style roof of the old one.
  • Villa group timeshare sales people are still full-on; when you leave immigration and head towards car rental, they attempt to rope you in “You must confirm here…” – Loni and I recognized the salesperson from before.
  • Weather this week has been stellar; not too humid, but warm and on occasion in the sun, it does get quite hot. Earlier according to others, it has been scorching hot.
  • The 2nd annual paella contest was a huge success with a large crowd, tonnes of paella, wine, beer and music; we managed to interview the owner/wine maker of one Baja’s emerging wineries – stay tuned for that!
  • La Michioacana has expanded: Orlando greeted us with a huge grin, handshakes and hugs… they have a small food stand next to the ice cream store.
  • Dave and Cathy hosted a dinner party in Founder’s – Brit humor was a bonus. What good times!
  • There is activity on the ground in Loreto Bay – many workers (not sure exact number), home building.

More to come, we’re shooting video (in HD this time) for episodes of Loreto Live TV, interviewing lots of people, including a special guest next week (which I won’t give away), and also tweeting and Facebooking. It’s an amazing time, once again here in Loreto.