Loni talks to photographer James Bowyer about Apartheid and his exhibition now showing at the San Jose Rep Theatre.

James says, “Growing up in South Africa and Apartheid, I was inspired by the role that photographers and journalists had in bringing ′round change in the country.”
If you get a chance, definitely head up to the 2nd floor at the San Jose Repertory Theatre to check out this wonderful exhibit of inspiring and compelling photographs. Pay careful attention to the images and you can almost hear stories being told: not only of oppression, race, class, identity, but also joy and celebration.

Loni and I are both big fans of the way the Rep ties in art exhibitions at the theatre together with the subject matter in the current production. In this case, Groundswell challenges us to think about issues facing not only South Africa, but also us here in the United States.

Also, check back soon for part 2 of an energetic, revealing and entertaining interview with the cast and director of Groundswell, filmed in the rehearsal hall @ the Rep. (in case you missed it, here’s a link to part 1)

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