Stark Insider produces 4 “shows”, or Webisodes, or Internet video productions, or however you prefer to call them—it’s hard to keep track these days with all of the changes now taking place with new media and the disruption to traditional publishing models.

I thought I’d take a minute each day this week to introduce you to the SI Fall Lineup 2009.

The first show is called ‘Stark Insider Presents.’ We launched it earlier this year when we began covering Theater & Arts here in the San Francisco Bay Area. We have produced several episodes and some multi-part series as well. The show is focused on interviews with the cast, directors and staff working on shows, plays, and films.

Some of the most popular episodes have been shot at the San Jose Repertory Theater where we covered productions such as The Kite Runner and 25th Annual Putnam Spelling Bee. In addition, we sat down with new artistic director Rick Lombardo for a personal and informative interview about the health of the Arts industry and the vision for the SJ Rep. Later, Loni followed Rick on a fun behind the scenes tour of the theater.

Interviews with film producer Marc Lhormer (Bottle Shock) and director Jeffrey Goodman (The Last Lullaby) have also received lots of views and positive feedback.

In addition, we cover the arts such as the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) exhibits, and street events such as SubZERO hosted downtown San Jose.

Other times, we’ll be less serious, let our hair down, and take it to the streets with a trusty Flip. Like when we attend opening nights at City Lights Theatre Company, San Jose Stage Company, ACT in SF, and SF Playhouse.

We have plenty more to come!

Stay tuned as we take you up close and personal with the people that are creating the magic that enrich all of our lives. And my apologies in advance to all the actors, directors, producers and cast members whose names Loni will (a) forget, (b) butcher, (c) mispronounce, or (d) all of the above. Then again, I know it really is all my fault to begin with.

Show name:
Stark Insider Presents (in HD)

Loni Stark

Covers theater, arts and indie film. Interviews and behind the scenes with cast, directors, producers and others that are making it happen.

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Stark Insider Presents


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