58347v2-max-250x2501The news just came in, via Twitter of course: the TechCrunch50 2009 winner, from a field of 50 start-ups, is RedBeacon. Who? Well, chances are you haven’t heard of them, or just about any TechCrunch50 participant for that matter. And that’s the whole point. These are potentially the (really big) companies of tomorrow.

Perhaps the best way to describe RedBeacon (and again, note the one word name, like StarkSilverCreek, how trendy) is a Google for local services. You need a plumber? Then, just type in the date, time and information about what you need. Then a list of recommended service providers is presented.

The service will be launched in the Bay Area October 1.


Me, not really. I was surprised by this pick. But then again, it’s usually the mundane ideas with lack of flash and overt sexiness that make out with the most success. Think personal finance services, like Mint—recently purchased for $170M by Intuit. Or Craigslist. None exactly make you go dancing in the streets, or chug a Latte, but they fly under the radar, with the potential to disrupt industries.

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