The cast of As You Like It. Photo credit: Kevin Berne

Not only does San Jose Repertory Theatre’s production of ‘As You Like It’ feature striking visuals in its re-imaging of the Shakespeare classic, but it also benefits from wonderfully memorable music and sound effects.

Haddon Givens Kime, a long-time Rick Lombardo collaborator, talks with StarkSilverCreek about the play, and what it takes to pull off a successful project.

Haddon Givens Kime with Abby
Haddon Givens Kime with Abby
StarkSilverCreek Presents – Haddon Givens Kime

Also in keeping with the modernization of the play, the San Jose Rep and Haddon have turned to social media to actively engage fans.

Use Twitter to search for the hashcode #AYLI, and you’ll find lots of active discussion, comments and praise for the show and Haddon. Join in the conversation:

From the Study Guide available from the San Jose Rep web site:

In San Jose Rep’s production of As You Like It, music is integral to the production. While the songs and their lyrics remain intact, the musical styles have been brought up-to-date to reflect the concept of “Shakespeare as contemporary” that can be seen throughout the production. In this way, the music continues to be an important dramatic device, intensifying the language, forwarding the action, clarifying the characters, delineating the settings and creating the appropriate atmosphere, as Shakespeare would have meant it to be in his day.

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